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In Hindi the word “Adda” means a gathering or community. The Sales Adda is a congregation of sales professionals

One could be an accidental sales person or chose the career, a hunter or a farmer, a super sales person or a complete sales wreck, young or old, green or an experienced hand, it does not make a difference in the Adda. All are welcome

The Adda is a place for sales person to share their issues – questions about the market, customers, sales process, B2B, B2C, Sales 2.0,…one is encouraged to be open, honest, feel free to curse the boss, the useless flunky or any body in the sales chain, discuss fears, share personal challenges because of the sales profession,…no topic is off limit or taboo as long it has some relation to the sales profession or activity

One condition: Either participate or perish. Bystanders are not encouraged

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