What we're about

More than half of people in Korea are living in an apartment including myself.
When I was young, I watched American drama and I had dreamt of being myself doing woodworking in a garage some day.
I needed my own ga~~ra~~ge and got it now. ^^

I would like to invite you who have same dream as mine.

This is a membership based group for men and women who like woodworking.
If you are looking for space to enjoy your work, Here it is.
We have woodworking machines, tools and space to relax.

Welcome anyone (sorry for age under 20) who are interested in;
enjoying woodworking,
learning some techniques and skills,
and hanging out with warm friendly people.

or someone who are missing for a garage at home. ^^

We can enjoy some others such as board game, talk, coffee, wine, and etc...

이그룹은 가구, 인테리어 관련 목공 취미를 가지신 분들을 위한 그룹 입니다.
woodworking 뿐만 아니라, 보드게임도 하고, 커피도 마시고, 이야기도 할수 있는
응접실 같은 편안한 공간도 마련되어 있습니다.

각자 만들고 싶은것 만들어 가고
같이 만들것 있으면 같이 만들어 보기도 하고,
가끔은 다같이 모여 책 토론도 해보고,
음악을, 그림을, 영화를, 연극을, 여행을..

이런 형태의 편안한 모임..

membership으로 운영할 예정입니다.

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one day class for a candle stand!!



We open up a class for a candle stand on Saturday. It will take less than 4 hours and you can have a pretty candle stand for warm winter in Korea ^^. We welcome new members and are happy to introduce what we are doing. There are still few seats for being regular members who can come any days and enjoy your own work together. Please feel free to drop a line if you have any questions. Thanks and regards,

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