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Welcome to Salsa Frequency: A Holistic Way of Living!

It has been our experience during the last 4 years since Salsa Frequency was created that we recognize and appreciate salsa dancing as a holistic and healthy way to sharp our mind, to become physically fit and socially active, to release and free our body from ailments, tension, stress, negative emotions, and somehow, from fear as well as to feed our soul with joy. We self-realize that dancing is another path toward a new way of living – besides yoga and meditation. We discover that we love dancing simply because we love living. In fact, living is dancing and dancing is living. We can even use living and dancing interchangeable because our life is made of daily and gracious dancing movements, eternal forward and sometimes backward… and sideways moves too, and with practice and experience, smooth, short, balanced, centered and sensual ones. We are willing to do whatever it takes to learn to live...or dance, to have peak experiences. Sometimes, we may miss one quick and wait two slows, but we quickly re-take the count elegantly. At other times, we turn left instead of right, but as we force the wrong turn we realize that we are capable enough to make it up and get back on track again. We all may have fallen down very deep, all the way to the floor while living and dancing, but the deeper we fall the faster we bounce up spectacularly with a dramatic chin up and a funny grin –tell me about it! We sometimes resist to follow, yeah, that’s true, we resist to follow. However, because we trust ourselves and our own skills, we relax and let the leader to lead. However, we also feel like leading. It is in our nature. We enjoy experiencing new challenges, thus we learn to lead because we are also great followers, and it is here when we appreciate, admire, treasure, and respect to one another the most. We become one, connecting and feeling each other in matter and in spirit.

Then as we become observers and witnesses of our own dancing we discover ourselves already dancing with our soul. We no longer long for our soul. Dancing becomes a spiritual way of living, a living with awareness, awareness and care for one’s self, and others’ and we start feeling like be at home, free, alive, healthy, radiant, young, sexy, vibrant, loved, joyful, complete, relax. We are connecting in bliss with others. We are being. We are living. We feel the excitement. We reach the peak. We create our own style as we discover our uniqueness, our potential for living truly from within in order to become the actual person we are to be. No time for rehearsals, no time for trials, no time for better time, just being, just playing, just living, just dancing, just celebrating.

Through our Salsa Frequency dance community, we experience dancing in a free spirit. We recognize that dancing is not merely an extension of the natural artist that lies inside of all of us, but also an expansion of our individual soul, a joyful and free way to manifest who we really are. We become to self-realize that dancing is a reflection of universal connection between our individual soul and universal soul. On the dance floor we reclaim our individuality, our spirituality, our self, as we recognize other’s individuality.

But over all, the magic of Salsa Dancing resides in its power to connect souls from all around the world, to create community, and a sense of being at home for many of us, to make its music to go deeper into our souls in order to experience happiness and joy in our hearts.

Salsa Frequency aspires to bring happiness, joy and bliss among its dancers through mutual harmony, unity, respect, peace and love at each event in a way that simultaneously one and each of us freely share joy and bliss with others.

We thank you all for being Salsa Frequency, for creating magic at each event, for celebrating life with us, for bringing your highest vibe frequencies, for living while dancing, for being yourself. We are always looking forward to sharing with each other everybody’s passion for laughing, knowing, growing, hugging, smiling, loving, learning, feeling, mingling, meeting, connecting, being…playing…living…dancing!!

Let’s dance! Let’s always celebrate!! See you all next on the life floor!! ; )

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