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This is a group for anyone interested to learn salsa dancing/practice. This is beginners, intermediate or (advanced: if you want to help others to learn). Make new friends. Have fun. If you want to participate and host events, please join this group. Some of the salsa steps we can practice are the following. It 1. Basic (Open) 2. Basic (closed) 3. Underarm Turn Right-L to R 4. Underarm Turn Right-R to R 5. Underarm Turn Right-Both 6. Underarm Turn Left-R to L 7. Underarm Turn Left-Both 8. Cross Body Lead-Closed 9. Cross Body Lead-L to R 10. Cross Body Lead-Both Twisting 11. Man's Pivot Turn/Underarm Turn 12. Man's Pivot Turn/Hook Turn 13. Man's Pivot Turn/Head Duck 14. Man's Pivot Turn/Waist Duck 15. Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-L to R 16. Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-L To L 17. Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-Waist 18. Cross Body Lead-Arm Throw 19. Two Way CBL-Reverse Hammerlock/Turn 20. Two Way CBL-Shoulder/ Leg Spin 21. Rope spin From Basic -L to R 22. Rope spin From Basic -Two hands 23. Rope spin From UA Turn-R to R 24. Windmill 25. Man wrap-Lady's waist Turn 26. Rotating Cross body Lead 27. Walk Sequence:Closed turning Right 28. Walk Sequence:Basic From Underarm turn 29. Walk Sequence:walk and hook turn 30. Walk Sequence:Hammerlock/Dive 31. Open Break/ rev turn/sneak around 32. Open Break/UAT, Rotating Right 33. Open Break/R to R,sweethearts 34. Open Break/L to R, Arm catches. 35. Shoulder catch (from turn, R to L) Cross Body Lead (CBL), see video title. 36. Swivels/Whiplash 37. Slide with partner (From CBL, L to L) 38. Closed shoulder dip 39. Open break/tuck in /round dip 40. R to L,roll out/roll in ,dip 41. Surprise dip (from open) 42. Pivot Turn/Hook Turn 43. Kick and Slide 44. Hook and Hook 45. Half Turns 46. Continuous turns: L to R, Ending behind back. 47. Continuous Turns: R to R Ending with pull in Thanks, Hari.

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