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Start at the beginning, for couuples, learnyour right to your left!
This class is for is a BYOP class, means bring your own partner This class will not be switching partners, First group class lesson free to 1st time attendees at SWJ. Dancing Salsa is better than going to the boring gym and a great way to meet people! We also have lots of fun, group outings and discounts, and we even have lots of laughs, and yes bad jokes too, those are on the house, lol. Basic class on Wednesday starts at 7, This is a progressive class, meaning expect to review material from the previous week and then work on something new! Tuesdays we have our class that is progressive and 3 levels, beginner at 7, pre intermediate at 8, and intermediate at 9. Thursdays at 7-8:30 pm we teach beginner level with a 1/2 hour of practice to music, one hour class plus practice works well for everyjuan. At 8:30-10 we have our ever popular Patterns, class, in this class we will teach you a new pattern every week, like we would at a club, this is our social night after all. Expect to have fun and get a few jokes to go along with your dance! What to wear, Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and be prepared to have a fun time! All of our. Drop in classes: $15, however for first timers remember, FIRST CLASS FREE, its how confident we are that you will like our classes.

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