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In this group we’ll explore the enormous healing potential of breath on 4 fundamental levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

My name is Lana Elco. You can learn more about my consciousness work and psycho-spiritual practices on my website:


I’ll be offering two powerful modalities Breath of Remembrance and Holotropic Breathwork on the regular basis.

Breath of Remembrance is a similar modality that allows you to explore the depth of your subconscious reality in 3 hour or 5 hour workshop ( I offer shorter and longer version now). So it is perfect for both beginners who have never tried breathwork before and experienced breathers who want to develop consistent breathwork practice. We shift the perception of time in expanded states of consciousness so even a few hours can be life changing and transformational.

Breath of Remembrance: http://www.templeoflightanddark.com/breath-of-remembrance

Holotropic breathwork is one of the most powerful and deepest spiritual tools available for humanity today. Discovered by Stan and Christina Grof, the pioneers of transpersonal psychology. It is a deep dive into your subconscious to heal old wounds and it usually requires one day commitment.

Holotropic Breathwork: http://www.templeoflightanddark.com/holotropic-breathwork

Both modalities offer an opportunity for

- Self-exploration,

- Healing old traumas of body and psyche,

- Releasing energetic blocks,

- Breaking through life crisis,

- Connecting with your intuition and wisdom,

- Transforming habitual life patterns,

- Opening up to transpersonal realms and creativity,

- Receiving your own authentic answers to important questions

- Processing suppressed emotions

-Stepping into your power and reconnecting with your Divine Self

The key principle is to trust the Inner Healer activated inside of us in non-ordinary state of consciousness. Every person has their own healing process with the content and quality unique for this particular moment.

Private sessions are available. Check my website.

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Breath Of Remembrance 5 hour workshop

Private Studio

Join us for a fascinating journey into the depth of your inner Universe! A powerful and simple practice of breathing to access deep layers of subconscious material and bring them up to the level of awareness. Remember your own truth untouched by cultural and social influences, heal your hidden wounds, receive your own authentic answers to the important questions, release energetic blockages, get unstuck, step into your power... and MUCH MORE... Developing a regular practice of breathwork will help you to be in sync with life, express yourself through creativity and communication, feel more connected and present with your relationship, heal deep traumas and create a powerful transformation. This modality of breathing is shorter than Holotropic Breathwork Intensive. So it is perfect for both beginners and experienced breathers who want to develop consistent psycho-spiritual practices in expanded states of consciousness. At the beginning we have an Introduction to breathwork and an opening circle to connect with each other. Then we explore one hour of breathing with emotional and evocative music. When we work in expanded states of consciousness sometimes the perception of time changes and one hour can feel like a much longer period of time... The third hour is sharing and integration of the experience. To register online: http://www.templeoflightanddark.com/breath-of-remembrance Registration: $135

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Breath Of Remembrance 5 hour workshop

Private Studio

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