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This group is for mothers of teen daughters to support each other in transforming ourselves. Dr. Shefali Tsabary says our children have the potential to be our life's greatest awakeners. "Sometimes our children awaken us to our tardiness, other times to our obsessions, yet others to our anxieties, our need for perfection, our desire for control, our inability to say “yes” or our inability to say “no,” our power issues, our dependency issues, our marital troubles, our addictions. Most often they teach us how unable we are to be still. How to engage with full-on presence. How to be open. Spontaneous. Playful. Intuitive. Authentic. Our children are telling us 'wake up, look at yourself, transform yourself, heal yourself – do this for you so that I may be free of what burdens you.'"

This group is about coming together, transforming ourselves, supporting each other, eating great and having fun. Are you in?

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