Past Meetup

SLCMTB Social Event: Red Bull Rampage Replay at Legends Pub and Grill


Dear Gang- Peak riding season is behind us but that doesn't mean we don't try to find ways to get together as a group during the Winter months. And a perfect opportunity presents itself on Saturday December 21st-a replay of this year's Red Bull Rampage on NBC sports! Some of us were there in person or caught it on the live stream. Others may have seen some of the highlights on You Tube or similar sites. But in my mind watching Rampage action never gets old-especially with the way the bar was raised this year. If you haven't witnessed Kelly McGarry's back flip over the canyon gap, Zink's flip off the Sender, or Kyle Strait's Suicide No Hander off the Sender on his way to a 1st place finish you must come out to watch! Even if you've seen all these exploits countless times as I have, it will be a great chance to take a break from Holiday shopping and catch up with some of your fellow riders to discuss all things mountain biking. Look forward to seeing you there!

Mike Biz

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