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The group is for anybody interested in learning about modern and/or historical Heathenry, whether for intellectual reasons or to inform a spiritual practice. This group started as a bi-weekly study group that was reading about and discussing Northern European pre-Christian religion, culture, and history. For several months we were going strong, with 5-6 regular attendees and sometimes more. We were initially discussing the book "Gods and Myths of Northern Europe." After the former organizer stepped down, there was a pause on these study meetings (though they auto-posted a few more times). The group later branched out to include some relevant community events that were cross-posted many places.

The group took a pause of some months due to some personal reasons, but in 2019, the SLC Heathen Meetup is once again up and running! We will be scheduling an increasing number of events. We have had two recent meetings and have several plans for future events. We've had a lot of new members join, and are hoping to open the group up for unlimited membership.

We are an open group for everyone, inviting of all persons of any backgrounds. We do not condone nor tolerate racism or bigotry. We do welcome respectful debate and discussion regarding heathen topics; that is how we all learn!

Future meetups envisioned include guest speakers (about kindreds, for instance); mead-making; another book study; movie with discussion; etc... Whether you are looking to meet other Heathens to study and practice with, or just trying to learn more about what Heathenry is, or you like to study history and culture for academic reasons, I am excited to meet you in person!

Cheers ! Skål!

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Meet & Greet! And Discussion on Modern Heathenry

Glendale Branch

Saturday Viking Camp at the Utah Renaissance Faire!

Thanksgiving Point Electric Park

Friday Viking Camp at the Utah Renaissance Faire!

Thanksgiving Point Electric Park

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