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Want to train your mind and body to relax? Look and feel younger? Soothe back pain and muscle aches? Increase flexibility? Tune your balance? Sharpen mental focus?YiShuiKong style QiGong may be for you !!! This introductory / beginner class will get you started with almost-magical moving meditation routines, proper abdominal breathing, and developing a back-healthy posture. YiShuiKong is a unique style created by Teacher Lin Yang, who fused
* QiGong philosophy and movement
* Traditional Japanese exercises
* A secretive style of BaGuaZhang practiced by the Qing Royal Family.
Now she brings it from Beijing and Japan to America. Video https://youtu.be/91Oib7ieK2c , Teacher Lin Yang has been actively involved with QiGong and martial arts since middle school years. She is a coach of Beijing Wushu Association, member of the Chinese Wushu Association, Master of the Beijing BaGuaZhang Association, and has more than 20 years teaching experience. Her BaGuaZhang is from master Wang Shangzhi, with direct lineage from Yin Fu who instructed and guarded the Qing Royal Family in the Forbidden City. Drop-in and try it !!!

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YiShuiKong Home Posture #1 Intro Session and Practice

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YiShuiKong Breathing #1 Intro Session and Practice

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YiShuiKong Agile Balance #2 Intro Session and Practice

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