What we're about

Anyone in the Tech Space wanting to come and socialize over drinks/appetizers/dinners etc. shall come and gather to talk nerd and just have a good time. This meetup is to simply network within the Software Development space and meet like minded individuals. As we continue to grow, we'll potentially develop on some OSS and contribute to the community in a meaningful way. For now, lets just eat, drink and be merry and talk about code.
Join the slack Community [here](https://beerjs-slack-invite.herokuapp.com/)

Here is our Github account! (https://github.com/beerjs/saltlakecity)

What is Beer.js?

Meta (https://github.com/beerjs/meta)

NOTE on Beer.js

- beer.js is about creating social spaces to strengthen software communities. There is no requirement to drink to participate.

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Casual conversation at Copper Common

Copper Common

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Quarters Arcade Bar

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