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The SLC Tai Chi -Qigong Meetup is a collective of like-minded individuals who currently practice any form or style of Tai Chi (Taiji) or Qigong (Chi Kung) or any of the Chinese Internal Arts as well as beginners of any age or level who are curious about this ancient moving meditation/healing art. Our purpose is to share the health, fitness, well-being & mind-body benefits of Tai Chi with the SLC valley community & beyond. Join this group if you are seeking a restorative exercise, if you like the idea of an activity for mind, body & soul balance/integration or if you want to fine tune your skills. This gentle activity can be enjoyed by anyone & practiced almost anywhere. Some may choose to join for fun, for education, for health enhancement, to manage stress or simply as a social opportunity. A typical activity for this meetup would be Tai Chi/Qigong at a park, a Chi Hike, a Tai Chi stretching class or an Internal Healing Arts workshop.

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Dao Yin/Daoist Yoga for Beginners

YogaSix Fort Union

Join us for Qigong and simple Tai Chi moves-
Dao Yin/Daoist Yoga/ChineYoga- also called Qigong/Chi Kung (pronounced Chee gung) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises.

Qigong means vital energy practice or cultivation or mastery of your energy.

In this class, you will learn to Heal & Balance your Body and Energy with this 5,000 year old Energy Work practice, Mindfulness-Mind-body Moving Meditation, Breath practice and Healing art for Health, Balance, Mobility, Vitality, Inner Peace AND MORE!

This is a beginner class. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! DONATION BASED $5-15 recommended. No forms to memorize. Just come and enjoy the Flow!

Questions please call or text
Scott at[masked]

Forms we practice in this class include:

Bu Zheng- Healer Within Medical Qigong. 5 Elements Medical Qigong. 5 Animal Sports Qigong. 8 Pieces of Brocade Medical Qigong. 7 Precious Gestures Inner Alchemy Qigong. 10 Phases of Chi Cultivation Inner Alchemy Qigong. Jade Spring Immortal Qigong. Marrow Washing Qigong. Dragon Qigong. Yi Jin Jing- tendon/muscle strengthening. Taoist Yoga(Dao Yin). Tai Chi Qigong Flow.


World Tai Chi Qigong Day

Washington Square Park

Please join us for this FREE worldwide healing event Saturday-
April 29, 2023. No experience necessary!
DM, call, text or email me for more info and any questions you have. [masked] *

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is held each year in over 80 nations on "the last Saturday of April" each year. April 29th, 2023 ... at 10 am local time all over the world. It begins with mass Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Mind Body events in the earliest time zones of New Zealand, and then spreads at the world turns, 10am local time worldwide, ending with final events in Hawaii (USA).

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Spring Equinox Qigong

City Home Collective


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