What we're about

We are a group of adults exploring the power of the unconscious mind for personal growth, empowerment, alternative health and wellness, and personal tranceformation desiring to meet and associate with other like-minded individuals to make new friends with people in a relaxed atmosphere of positive energy. You must be at least 18 years old physically and mentally to attend our meetings. Whether you are interested in past lives/reincarnation, meditation, the law of attraction, manifesting a better reality, finding your true purpose in life, becoming more motivated, exploring your spirituality in a non-religious group friendly to those of different religious beliefs, learning about the unconscious collective, or even if you are just wanting to think more positive thoughts and be happier with less stress in your life, there's something in this group to benefit you because all these things involve the unconscious mind. We meet together to discuss and learn what science has revealed about the unconscious mind, to learn how to access your unconscious mind with all it's untapped potential, and for those who wish, you can access your own unconscious mind through individual or group hypnosis during our meetings under the guidance of an internationally certified master hypnotherapist. You must legally consent to be videotaped with internet publication of your video in order to attend our meetings.

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