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    Local witch and animal communicator (animal psychic)
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    Our barriers do not define us; they motivate us.
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    Proud UASS!! Witch, Raven's Fyre, "Bivium Dracaena draco Tor" DraigSidhe, Northern Religion Priestess, and Proud Owner of the Utah Black Hat Society, Co- LC for Salt Lake Pagan Pride. *EG*
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    DeRangeD Witch, Mistress of Four Dragons Clann, Druid-trained, Named Bard, Seer and Seeker. Founder SLC Pagan Pride and Rainbow Flame CUUPS. A Reyol Weeyotch, with all that comprises. A wild journey, am I, but hopefully, worth the ride!
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    Hedgewitch. Pluviophile. Founder of the Utah Black Hat Society, Former Coordinator for Salt Lake Pagan Pride, an Initiated Witch with a local coven and owner of Crone's Hollow in Salt Lake City. Every once in a while I get a chance to sleep.