What we're about

A group for people who try to improve their software development skills.

This is the place to

• Improve our coding skills with dojos (we are not focusing on any particular languages)

• Improve our team/soft skills by talking about techniques or playing "agile games"

• Improve our architecture skills with architectural katas and interesting talks

What we try to avoid:

• Learning about current trending frameworks/technologies (there are better places to learn e.g. about Angular X.Y.)

• Discuss benefits of several programming languages (every language has its strength and weaknesses)

• Talking about products, startups, business ideas

Also listed under the Softwerkskammer (https://www.softwerkskammer.org/groups/salzburg) !

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Virtual Coding Dojo III

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Remote Refactoring Kata

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Agile Games II: Wake up in the morning

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Virtual Coding Dojo II

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