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The wild wild west of the cyber

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Lately, we're seeing the words "cyber attacks" in the news more often then we want to, reports of credit card theft & schemes, cyber blackmail & ransom attempts (Leumi Card?!), cyber attacks that paralyze organizations or countries, sophisticated phishing incidents etc.

Viruses, Trojan, DDos, Spear phishing, zero-day attacks, key logger, RansomWare, root kit, exploits, APT and the list keeps going on and on…

The list above is only a small part of the threats that information security & cyber departments face every single day.

Let me throw in another interesting piece of data to the equation – More than 90% of successful cyber attacks begin and end with social engineering!

• In my lecture, I'll try to explain what is the meaning of Cyber, what's the difference between cyber and information security, I'll tell you stories about cyber attacks (What really happened in Sony?) and give some advice regarding cyber awareness at home and in your work place.

7:00-7:30 Reception
7:30-7:40 Opening
7:40-9:00 Wild Wild West of the Cyber
9:00-9:30 Networking


Guy Dagan
He is the information security & Cyber awareness manager of Bank Hapoalim. Entrepreneur, innovation & security advisor and technologist. Over 15 years of experience in the IT world. Specializes in training and strategic planning of information security, cyber awareness & innovation procedures in organizations. Vast experience as a lecturer in various professional forums. A mentor of the NOVUS incubator and a strategic advisor to startups.