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Welcome to the furry community of San Antonio! This meet up group will serve as a bulletin board for local furies to collaborate fur meets. Please note this group is cultured around anthropomorphic, furry fandom, fur suiters, and similar themes, rather than animal-lover groups. Feel free to join, suggest and arrange your own meets, meet new friendly furs, create events, or whatever else fits your fursonality! Please ensure all meets are safe and appropriate. Make sure to specify details, such as if alcohol will be present, and provide age-restrictions accordingly. This group is specifically for meeting local furs, making new friends, and centralizing the San Antonio furry population. Furries come in a broad spectrum, so try to keep an open mind and a friendly attitude to make this a welcoming community for all furries. Feel free to also create meets specific to interests, hobbies, ages, and likenesses to find the furry pack right for you!

Past events (103)

SA July 2019 Bowling Meet

Bandera Bowling Center

ACFI Parkmeet

Phil Hardberger Park - East Entrance

May Furmeet 2019

2267 NW Military Hwy

ACFI Parkmeet

651 Devine Rd

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