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This group is for everyone :-)

Often meditation techniques are about quieting your mind by concentrating on your breath, a candle, music, drum beats and countless other practices. Open Heart Meditation is a guided meditation that encourages people to enjoy the nice feelings from their Heart. Lightness, joy, calmness, and peacefulness can be felt naturally and easily. All sessions are meant to be informal and beginner-friendly.

If you're feeling busy, stressed, or sleepy after lunch.. this is for you! Come take a break with us..

Open Heart Meditation has helped many people reduce their stress level significantly, but it's not just a stress management technique. Some have experienced healing on a deep internal level. This is not a serious meditation practice that involves special skill, creative visualizations or any sort of effort whatsoever. Come learn a natural technique that is light, gentle, peaceful, effortless...and fun!

I'd love to host a weekly event :-)

If anyone is interested in hosting this event in their home or a specific space, please let me know and we will make it happen.

Suggestions welcome :-)

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Open Heart Meditation @ Quaker Meeting House

7052 N Vandiver Rd

Healing Clinic - Reiki Tummo

Swan Wellness Center Acupuncture Clinic


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