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Novemeber Monthly Meetup

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Approx. Schedule:

7:00-7:15 General discussion/Meet & Greet/Pizza & Beer
7:15-7:20 Community Announcement
7:20-7:45 Local Speaker - Chris Turner
7:45-8:30 Main Speaker - Kassandra Perch
8:30-? Meet The Speaker(s) @ Esquire Tavern (

Speaker Topics

Chris Turner - Introduction to AngularJS

Kassandra Perch - Javascript All the Things!

Atwood's Law: "any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript."
Some arbitrary Linux law: "If you can put Linux on it, someone will put Linux on it."
New JS Law: "If you can put linux on it, someone's going to put Node on it. Or they'll write their own, JS-based OS."

It's an awesome time to be a JS developer. People are putting JS wrappers, or even native JS, on all sorts of crazy devices: robots, drones, copters, phones, legos...the list goes on. This talk covers some of the ways Javascript is becoming not just the language of the web, but also a language of physical things. Some demonstrations of a physically-manifested nature will be shown, so wear socks (that will presumably be knocked off).

Speaker Bio: Kassandra Perch is a developer, crafter, and gamer. She spends her days at RetailMeNot, as a front-end dev trying to make workflows easier and more efficient. She is a completely unrepentant JavaScript addict, and is especially interested in the open web, hardware hacking, and Node.JS.

Parking and Directions

The Weston Centre is at 112 E Pecan St, but the parking garage is on the west side (Soledad St). Head up the "Public Parking" ramp. When you leave, the gate will be open for exit and you won't have to pay anything.

From the garage, take the elevator to the ground floor. Go through two sets of double doors and enter the main large foyer. The elevators are ahead on the left, and Geekdom is on the 11th floor.