What we're about

Gamers, and tabletop gamers especially, have a unique perspective on working together and caring about their community. The games we play, whether they be RPG, cooperative board games, competitive strategy games, humorous games, card games, dice games, social party games… they all build relationships and friendships among the people who play together. Game nights strengthen families, bridge cultural barriers, and are a truly level playing field for people of all backgrounds. Our goal at San Antonio Nerd Night is to take that one step further. We intend to project the goodwill and generosity of the gaming community onto the San Antonio area at large.

We do this in a number of ways that promote gaming in San Antonio along with philanthropy. Our most visible events are our three monthly "Nerd Night" game nights. We gather and play (mostly) board and card games, collect donations for our nonprofit parter of the month, and learn something about their organization. We've been very fortunate to have awesome partners and speakers from these groups come to our events and teach us loads about the under-served and most vulnerable populations in San Antonio.

Please join us at a Nerd Night or at one of our many events throughout the year! We're always welcoming new faces :)

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