What we're about

Constellation work is often called movement of the soul. If you join us, you will have an opportunity to gain deep insights into your life or a specific issue, open your heart to feel and express your emotions, and connect with others in a safe environment. Constellation work is an excellent tool for a personal and spiritual growth.

Constellations are a special healing tool. When a person has an issue, we set up a picture of the person’s life though a constellation to explore the issue. Representatives are chosen from the group for people or aspects of the person's life and then placed in space according to the relationship to one another. Their movement resembles unconscious dynamic between the parts of the system or people involved. Symbolic meaning of this movement may bring new perspectives and new insights. Simple statements are often used to bring healing and resolution to the issue and open space for the new movement to begin.

The utmost care and importance is placed on creating a safe, non-judgmental environment where healing can happen.

We work with various issues according to what participants present.

Issues we work with in Constellations are:

• relationship issues

• unexplained conditions

• chronic symptoms

• destructive patterns of behavior

• a feeling of "stuckness" in life

• a feeling unfulfilled and/or unhappy about life

• depression

• medical conditions

• attachment and developmental trauma

• grief and loss

Having a personal constellation, representing in another person’s constellation as well as observing has many benefits. Everybody’s story is unique, yet the issues we work with are basic human situations that touch us all. Everyone present benefits from the work. In addition, representing in a constellation helps cultivate presence and embodiment, deepens inner knowing and often gives us opportunity to feel deeply connected to others and to our humanness. Witnessing this movement brings us into contact with the depth of our soul, creates respect for human condition and sacredness of life.

Constellation work aims at resolving issues from the position of love, where we include rather than exclude, understand rather than judge, connect rather than disconnect. It tenderizes our hearts and allows a new movement to happen within our souls.

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