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Walking Meditation Group at the Park

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We're meeting at 6:15, at Pines Park. We will walk a lap around the park slowly and mindfully. This practice will also include guided-visualization, and pranayama (breathing techniques.)

WHAT: Walking meditation group. Moving meditation led by experienced yoga and mediation teacher, Samantha Smith.

WHEN: Tuesday, 6:15 PM, for about an hour.

WHERE: Pines Park, 34941 Camino Capistrano, Dana Point. Beautiful park with ocean, sunset views.

PARKING: Ample street parking.

COST: Voluntary donation of $10, or any amount you feel good about, has a positive impact. (Your mindful attendance is the most important exchange, as we are meeting in support of each other. Secondarily, the group leader accepts donations that also serve to keep us going.)

HOW: The way is to remember the higher-self that already exists within you.

WHY: Stress-relief, increased self-confidence, empowerment, healthy vitality in the mind and body, support your meditation community.


The Buddha said, take refuge in the 3 Gems--buddha, dharma, and sangha.

Buddha means, a being who is full of buddhi, or divine intellect. Take refuge in your divine intellect. Take refuge in your enlightened-self. Employ your higher-self as a refuge from inner or outer negativity and inertia.

Dharma refers to the timeless, un-ending teachings of Universal Truth. There is a place of refuge in the Truth. There is a deep, sweet well of self-confidence, vitality and true pleasure in doing nothing other than your Truth. Find your path; take refuge in it. Listen to your heart and the teachers and teachings that strike a chord in your heart; take refuge in that.

Sangha is the Sanskrit word meaning, a congregation of like-minded practitioners. This group is traditionally essential to the path of increasing enlightenment and self-realization. Each member of the group is learning about their own inner-world, yet doing it together. This shared, group experience of looking at one's own subjective world--which cannot be known by others--catalyses one's ability to look deeper into that world. Find a meditation group that appeals to you. Make this group your sangha. Your participation is vital to this group, without a doubt! Take refuge in your sangha.


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