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Welcome all 3D and CG Artists and Enthusiasts!

CG Art is an art that has been growing more every year with major leaps and bounds in both aesthetic styles and technological capabilities and San Diego being the home to places like Rockstar San Diego, Psyonic, and SCE I figure a meetup group is a great place to pull people of like minds in the 3D world together!

Wether you're a professional in the industry, a hobbyist, or just entering into incredibly vast world of 3D art come on and join! The more the merrier and this Meetup is a group dedicated to sharing art and techniques, pushing and inspiring each other and to just plain old talk shop about what's going on in this world! Blender, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Maya, MudBox or Legos, it's no matter! Come on and get your Gizmo filled hands wet!

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