Exploring the Botanical Archives at the NAT

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• What we'll do
Come with us to explore the Herbarium section of the Botany Department and take a look into the Botanical archives and collections at the NAT, lead by the esteemed Curator, John Rebman, PhD. We'll get access to the study areas that are instrumental to local and global research into our native floral species and range, and critical to understanding how genetics are being expressed over time.
In particular, we'll be viewing collections of rare species we seldom to never get the chance to see in the wild. Dr. Rebman's tour shall include a talk about ongoing projects and the history of botanical studies at the Museum. This is a rare opportunity to access areas and collections only available to research fellows and scientists. Limited photography opportunities will be available, under the discretion of the Curator and staff - please ask before taking any photos. Stay for the Unshelved Exhibition on the main public floors as well as the recently opened California's Coast to Cactus Exhibition, both of which are amazing in their presentation! Be sure to bring the $19 entry fee unless you are a member, to which I say thank you! This event is open to the public, but I'm highly encouraging anyone without membership to join for the many other member events put on over the year as well as the other perks. All of your donations go to keeping this vital bastion of science and history alive and well. There will be no scheduled car pool for this one due to the central location and highly available parking (most of the time) at Balboa Park. There are three lots in proximity to the Museum. I can provide carpooling within central San Diego for any that need it, just post here to ask.

• What to bring
Entry fee to the Museum [sdnhm.org/visit/] Donations of all amounts to the NAT are appreciated!

• Words from Dr. Rebman about the Herbarium and this trip
"For more than 140 years, the San Diego Society of Natural History has been studying and collecting plants in the southern California and Baja California region. With dedicated curators such as Daniel Cleveland (the “clevelandii” of Salvia, Mimulus, Penstemon, Dodecatheon fame), Frank Gander (the “ganderi” of Lepechinia, Quercus, Cylindropuntia, Cryptantha, Packera, Rubus), and Reid Moran (the “moranii” of Agave, Arctostaphylos, Astragalus, Bajacalia, Dudleya, Eriogonum, Galium, and Morangaya along with a new “Moranothamnus” just published), the institution has served as an important botanical resource in our region since the 1870s. During this time, the Society has amassed an extremely strong regional herbarium collection of more than 250,000 plant specimens that are actively used for ongoing botanical research & publication. To supplement the scientific endeavors of the botanists and provide plant resources for the public, the Society also has an amazing library of botanical books, journals, and paintings including a complete run of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine dating back to 1793; early herbals dating to 1517; Flora Londinensis 1777, with hand-colored illustrations; and 1,094 original watercolors of native California plants from[masked] by A. R. Valentien. This outing will not only address the historical efforts of botanists associated with the Society, but will also delve into current research projects including recent binational, multidisciplinary expeditions into Baja California and the publication of many new plant species from our region by the current curator. Come and see behind the scenes in the Museum’s Botany Department and learn about what they are doing in respect to floristic research and plant conservation."