EnergyX's breakthrough Lithium tech/Featured EV: Mark's Polestar 2

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Featured Speaker:
Teague Egan, CEO of EnergyX will join us to tell us all about their exciting, breakthrough Lithium Ion Transport and Separation Technology (LiTAS):
EnergyX’s patented LiTAS technology is an unparalleled, highly scalable, nanotechnology capable of rapid ion transport and specific selection of any ion in an aqueous mixture.
The first-of-its-kind membrane filtering technology acts as a size sieve and accelerates the lithium extraction process.
This method makes lithium production more affordable and orders of magnitude more efficient than the antiquated brine and hard rock extraction approaches currently being used.
The nanotechnology recovers 90% lithium (current processes recover more like 30%).

Featured EV:
Our own Mark H will join us to take us through his new Polestar 2.
We'll have lots of up close and personal pics and Mark will tell us all about this amazing EV.

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