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Calling all who love or want to learn Facebook Marketing!

Would you like to belong to a community where you get support, advice, training, strategies, techniques, tips, tools, collaboration, joint ventures, cross-promotion and make amazing new connections and friends?

San Diego Facebook Marketing is ideal for social media lovers, Facebook marketing professionals, social media growth hackers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone who wants to learn, network and collaborate, find joint ventures and juicy collaborations, support each other and cross-promote, and share in insights, information, and techniques to help each other grow in Facebook marketing.

My name is Cory Wray and I’m the founder of our San Diego Facebook Marketing. I am an entrepreneur, business consultant, and live streamer. I'm also a Business and Social Media Marketing speaker and trainer, and speak on topics that help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business, their audience, their reach, and their profits.

I will be bringing in speakers as well as speaking on topics that each of you requests.

Come and learn directly from the experts in the field - who are entrepreneurs and business owners, who are Facebook marketers, managers, and creators themselves.

I will also support you in expanding your reach, meeting new prospects, making new connections, finding new collaborations and creating new alliances with other social media marketers, managers, creators, influencers, and mavens.

You never know who you're gonna meet that is going to open a door to something completely amazing for you!

The more Facebook marketing you know, the more Facebook influencers, managers, creators and professionals you know, and more choices and opportunities you have.

The foundation of this group is to support each other in growing, making new connections, learning the latest in Facebook marketing.

This purpose of this group is for you to:

1. Surround yourself in a positive Facebook marketing community, where you can network, meet other professionals, creators, business owners and entrepreneurs - find new customers, strategic alliances, collaborations, joint ventures, referral sources, investors, sponsors, and make new friends.

2. Get the insider’s education: learn new skills and tools that will grow your Facebook marketing skills, resources, and community.

3. Share resources with other Facebook marketers and creators, entrepreneurs and small business owners, so no one has to reinvent the wheel. It’s all about working smart, not hard---and leveraging your time and resources.

We all succeed through community, so let’s gather together and create win/wins.

After you click the join button, please introduce yourself. You can start networking right away!

And please fill out the 3 quick questions so I know what topics are most important for you, to help you grow your Social Media Platforms and Communities

Join now and become part of San Diego's Facebook Marketing Meetup.


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