What we're about

Has hi-fidelity sound disappeared or has it just lost it's followers? This group is an attempt to bring together all audiophiles, enthusiasts, hi-fi junkies in the San Diego area to reignite the love of listening to music through quality equipment and appreciating the technology behind accurate reproduction of sound. The decreasing number of shops dealing in hi-fi equipment in San Diego and the growing popularity of portable audio is a living proof that convenience of listening has taken a greater precedence over the quality of sound. Let's get together to find ways to bring back the awareness of hi-fidelity and continue our pursuit of audio perfection. We will organize meetups with other groups in the LA/Orange County area engaged in similar pursuits (vinyl, studio engineering, A/V installations etc.) to build the community and sample/test drive products that we would normally wouldn't have access to.
You will fit right in if:
- You have more audio equipment in your house than pieces of furniture.

- You have a numerical equivalent for the words 'impedance', 'crossover', 'noise floor', 'efficiency'.

- You know a vacuum tube when you see one.

- Your idea of vintage audio equipment is not a boom box.

- Your kids or spouse can't figure out how to turn on your audio equipment.

- You include your audio equipment while calculating your net worth.

- You need to push more buttons and switches to listen to music than what it takes to get a 747 ready for take off.

Hopefully, this meet up will serve as a medium to educate the next generation on the importance of sound accuracy and quality while seeking pleasure through listening to music.

Past events (5)

BSL Audio speaker audition organized by SDMAG

1850 Pentas Ct

Calling all Vandersteen fans....

3191 Sports Arena Blvd

Manley Labs Factory Tour

Manley Labs

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