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In this group we learn about the Law of Attraction. More importantly though we will learn to employ our thoughts, actions and feelings to best serve us and those around us. Remember that LOA is a law just like the law of gravity. It is in place and governs the physical world whether we are aware of it or not. Understanding these dynamics is a Massive Advantage in navigating the journey of life.

Whether you are new to Metaphysics or a seasoned veteran this group will serve You. We learn from each other's experiences. New comers learn from veterans and veterans learn from new comers. I have been practicing these principles since April 2nd, 2011. They have changed my life. The work that is required is demanding though! What gets me through the work is Inspiration...The Inspiration of shared experiences, triumphs and failures alike. Processing failures alone can be dangerous...Sharing with a group offers a perspective that morphs the experience into one of humor and insight rather than pain and sorrow. Sharing the triumphs reminds us all of the Amazing Mystical Power that we all have access to...ALWAYS!!!

Each week we will discuss specific topics introduced by the leader.

If you are wondering why the Logo on the front page is a Pi symbol the back story is this...

Inspiration is the fuel that drives us and Pi in math represents an infinite number. I thought it fitting that for the sake of our group P can stand for Perpetual(infinite) and I for Inspiration, thus, Pi, Perpetual Inspiration...

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Atonement Lutheran Church (No affiliation to our group)

Attitude of Gratitude Session

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Raising Our Vibrational Frequency

Atonement Lutheran Church (No affiliation to our group)

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