May 2019 book club: is the Constitution the problem?

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Is the Constitition itself part of the problem? It might be. Here are two books, both with some library access. Please read one. I read the first one and it was great, but #2 is a classic also.

1. The Crisis of the Middle Class Constitution: Why Economic Inequality Threatens Our Republic. By Ganesh Sitaraman.
- Short and covers most of the major undemocratic features of the constitution.
-- 300pp of text, 2018 paperback.
-- Amazing argument: Founders thought U.S. republic could only work if not too much inequality, and we are near the edge.
- Library = City 6 of 6 available. County 4 of 4.

2. Our Undemocratic Constitution: Where the Constitution Goes Wrong (And How We the People Can Correct It). By Stanford Levinson.[masked]
-- 200pp of text, 2008 PB.
-- The basics of worst undemocratic features.
-- Pre-Trump pre madness.
-- Library: City 1 of 1 available. County has none.

(3. FYi only!I if you want a great but much harder book (and no library access) I will be reading:
We the People: A Progressive Reading of the Constitution for the Twenty-First Century. By Edward Chemerinsky.
-- 230pp of text, 2008 PB.
-- Library: City 0 of 1 available. )

I will see you on may 25th