Promoting R&D for Whole Brain Emulation - Randal Koene (Carboncopies Foundation)


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The SoCal Longevity Association presents:

Randal Koene - Carboncopies Foundation Founder

"Promoting R&D for Whole Brain Emulation"

Your brain is the orchestra that plays the symphony of your mental experience and your awareness, and that experience is your window on existence and on the universe. Carboncopies Foundation's aim is to preserve, restore, and even improve our mental experience beyond the limits of biology. With dedication, scientific advances within our lifetimes may allow us to record the unique arrangement and responses of neurons and synapses that encode our memories, their active behavior, and ultimately to restore all of that in a neural prosthesis that seamlessly repairs a brain function, or a complete artificial brain. Some of this is still reminiscent of science fiction, but each challenge is well on its way to being a tractable technology problem supported by scientific evidence and understanding.

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