Intro to ChiRunning, Natural Running & Pose Method

Hosted by San Diego Marathon Clinic (est. 1976)

Public group
San Diego Marathon Clinic (est. 1976)
San Diego Marathon Clinic (est. 1976)
Public group

2929 N Mission Bay Dr

2929 N Mission Bay Dr · San Diego, Ca

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From Info Center North on N. Mission Bay Dr. At Stop Sign turn left into parking lot. From Grand/Garnet Rt at DeAnza Cove & Straight into Parking Lot

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Introduction to ChiRunning (, Natural Running ( and Pose Method ( with Ozzie Gontang ( Learning to run with Vibram Five Fingers and the form and style used by Barefoot Runners. The principles Ozzie wrote about back in the late 90's have become the "primary principle of barefoot running." (

You can also check out Ozzie's blog on Mindful Running ( which has a lot of articles compiled on running and marathoning

Easy 2 to 4 mile run while practicing the principles of ChiRunning, Natural Running, and Pose Method, Minimalist Shoe and Barefoot Running.

Several stops along the way to teach techniques for injury prevention.

When Ozzie is not there, Ben Boyd ( is his backup. You can check Ben's site: Effortless Running.

A good place to get the basics or to get a better understanding of ChiRunning, Natural Running or Pose Method. Also where the concepts are put into practice right away during a 2 to 4 mile run. Teaching students these methods that to run with a quick cadence allows less impact and therefore less injuries. As the Intro sessions progress there will be groups that do social 6 or social 8 miles runs so that one can practice as these slower speeds the quicker cadence and the proper form for ChiRunning, Natural Running and Pose Method. The basic understanding is that the ball/heel/ball form of running is the same at slower speeds so that when ready one can increase their speed by simply leaning from the ankle while still maintaining the cadence that was practiced at the slower speed. Getting the form and style right at a slower speed will translate directly to the same form and style at a fast speed. Simply: one learns to fall gracefully at a faster speed with a continued graceful recovery with each step

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