What we're about

San Diego’s intentional community around mindful living

How beautiful this long life can be in warmth, collaboration and support of one another even with its hardships.

A modern day sanga for a mindful life - fostering intentional living community through good times with like minded people, through mindfulness practices and inspiring karmic action. From children to elder- to the working age- exchanges in collaborations and consistent connections with all lend to the best life “inter-being” with one another.

our activities and actions will center around:
- social / active get together and outings in the building of intentional community, exploring san diego’s diverse outdoors and local excellent buisness offerings
- sharing of skills, knowledge, practices, resources
- welcoming space for bartering of resources and services
- networking - work / buisness
- practical discussions around sharing knowledge and experiences - philiosphy
- mindfulness meditation practices in the science, vipassina and thich nhat hanh traditions
- civic/social/environmental justice actions and volunteering opportunities
- aim towards intentional housing possibilities (inspired by Nordish architectural and sociological models for sustainable living in communities by design)
- exploring and sharing ideas around healthy and self sustainable living (growing foods etc) - embracemenr of authentic cultures and foods
- helping and supporting one another
generally, yoga in nature...

Organizer: Karen Le has a background in law and non profit work and has now devoted her life’s aim to teaching Mindfulness Meditation in schools, hospitals and the general public . Karen is trained by the University of San Diego medical schools center for mindfulness
to teach John Kabot Zinns MBSR ( mindfulness based stress reduction) course

She is founder of sunsetyogahawaii.com and runs the wellness arm of Athena medical foundation, a 501c3 non profit see her bio here https://sunsetyogahawaii.com/founder-and-instructors.html

What is Intentional Living anyway-

Intentional living is any lifestyle based on an individual or group's conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs

Intentional living requires one to be aware of one's fundamental beliefs and to be willing to make an effort to have their behavior reflect these beliefs in a form of integrity in relation to his or her conscience and environment. In some cases, such changes are drastic enough that like-minded individuals group together in intentional communities.

Realise that life is made of choices. Attitudes and decisions do not have to be determined by our past but can be chosen

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