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Small Group Workshop: "The Finishing Touches in Photoshop"

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John W.
Small Group Workshop:  "The Finishing Touches in Photoshop"


$79 - MAXIMUM OF 5 ATTENDEES, 2 SESSIONS TOTAL - - If you’ve ever wanted to learn the critical Finishing Touches in Photoshop, now’s your chance to learn from John Watts - online, live, interactive, multi-session, and in a small group seminar-type format.

We'll cover Dodging & Burning, Cropping, Resizing, Sharpening, basic Cloning & Time-savers - all from Section 5 in my Photoshop Book (

PLUS, we'll cover brand-new material NOT in my book, such as advanced Cloning Techniques, Content Aware Fill, Extending your Canvas Size, Using Guides, and much more.

This reasonably-priced Workshop is limited to 5 students ONLY - using images provided by the students!

And you can be assured of privacy, since we're NOT sharing webcams - only our voices & my monitor.


Price: $79


• There are a total of TWO online group "sessions" for this Workshop, BOTH on Thursdays - October 12th & 19th, 2023 - from 6 PM to 7:30 PM PST. Each "session" is 1.5 hours in length. These group "sessions" are held one week apart.

• That's a total of 3 hours of personalized, "hands-on" group instruction, with only you, 4 other students, & myself - again, using images provided by the students, in a seminar-type format.

• You also have the option of purchasing an additional ONE HOUR of online "one-on-one" Instruction, at a discounted rate of $49 per hour, & at a time of your choosing (after the group "Sessions" are completed) - - using either your monitor and/or mine. For more info:

• There will also be "Exercises" available (with provided image files & a "cheat sheet") to speed up the learning curve - but completely at your pace.

• Copious new notes beyond my Photoshop Book (required) are included - - also includes a "Rough Cut" (no editing) video recording from each "session".


• Required: my current Photoshop Book ( PDF or Paperback) -

• PLUS, at least 2 of your unedited RAW files in advance ...


• Suggested: Although it's not absolutely necessary, I'd suggest that you use earbuds (rather than your computers' speakers) to avoid audio feedback issues.

• Suggested: so that you’re familiar with my teaching style & “system”, attendance at a few of my free online General Meetups before we meet is highly recommended - - OR, at a minimum, review some of the free "Photoshop 101" video recordings, especially Class 2 & Class 4:

• Suggested: a relatively current version of Photoshop CC. Don't have Photoshop CC? Download here:


Price: $79


To sign up & attend - 2 STEPS ARE REQUIRED:

  1. RSVP here on this Meetup page (if you're new to Meetup, you'll need to sign up for a free account).

... and then ...

  1. Securely pay online via Credit / Debit card on my website:

• After you've paid, I'll contact you via email within 2 - 3 business days to confirm.


To see more, including technical details, click here:


Questions? Please contact me - - thx again, and cheers,

John :)

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Thursday, October 12, 2023
1:00 AM
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