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Seller Financed Notes, Be the Bank, Not the property owner, Mail Box Money!
What is a seller-financed note? This course immerses investors and potential investors, like you, into the unique & highly profitable market of buying, selling and brokering private notes. Learn how to build & diversify your investment portfolio to generate substantial passive income, while avoiding many of the headaches of investment property ownership. >>> Jeff Armstrong takes you step by step through the process of creating a SellerFinanced Notes Business. <<< REGISTER FOR THIS FREE EVENT AT Go IN-DEPTH on lead generation and management, TALK details about HOW to calculate each note’s potential return on investment, and HOW to determine if you should portfolio the potential loan or broker it. Jeff WILL walk you through his 7-step process, which WILL teach you the advantages and disadvantages to note terms and pricing options. Jeff will continue as he will shares his insider secrets about building a note business and teaches the seller-financed note process, from start to lucrative finish. Areas of instruction 1. How to do seller financed notes as a biz 2. how to use to seller financed notes to buy a property 3. How to use seller financed notes to sell a property 4. How to invest in notes Including Advantages and Disadvantages of SD notes Property structure & Negotiate it How to structure a seller financed note transaction How to set up a business brokering notes as the primary vehicle Jeff is the #4 Note Broker in the United States, you will walk away with knowledge you did not have before and perhaps this Real Estate Investing Strategy may even be for you! REGISTER FOR THIS FREE EVENT AT WHO IS Jeff Armstrong? Jeff has been in real estate for 34 years and 27 of them just in Seller Financed Notes. Jeff is a recognized and one of the most requested speakers on seller financed notes, marketing, motivation and inspiration at industry conventions, conferences and events nationwide. Through hard work, persistence and consistency, Armstrong Capital has established relationships with premier and preferred note investors across the nation. This translates into higher prices for your real estate secured notes. With Jeff's knowledge and experience he assists note holders in obtaining the best options available to them. His enthusiastic and encouraging style as well as his step by step approach has made him top rated in the industry and one of the most sought after note professionals in the country. With Jeff’s knowledge and experience, he is able to assist note holders in obtaining the best options available to them. Armstrong Capital ( was established in May 1991. Jeff has been working in the note business full time since October 1993. With over 2100 closed note transactions closed since the inception of Armstrong Capital, Jeff’s knowledge and experience in the note industry is unsurpassed. Jeff is 52 years old as of this writing (January 2018). He owns a bass boat and enjoys competing in bass fishing tournaments. He also enjoys doing other activities with his family including snow skiing, camping, golf, biking, water skiing, swimming and surfing (not to mention traveling and the outdoors). When he is not watching his girls dance or in fashion shows, Jeff can often be found on a mountain, beach or lake. REGISTER FOR THIS FREE EVENT AT Sponsored by #NextStepREI & Hosted by #PositiveImpactREI BRING WITH YOU - something to take notes on and a pen DRESS Business Casual This is an Educational event

San Diego Innovation Center (Miramar Pyramid)

7310 Miramar Road · San Diego, CA

What we're about

Having a strong start with both real estate and financial terms that can accelerate your investing career. However, terms are not enough, otherwise the Book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" could actually teach you about real estate and business ownership. We utilized "The Essentials" of mentorship knowledge to provide both "Wealth Management" increasing your financial literacy and "Real Estate" through focused education and experience for long term wealth creation and preservation. Our Mastermind provides an effective launching point for learning Real Estate Investing for anyone to start.

What IF YOU KNEW just 1 technique that could could save you 6 figures in Interest, as a home owner and could get your home paid off in under 10 years from a traditional 30 year mortgage, what would that be worth to you? What about Paying of Credit Card Debit, Student Loans, Car Payments or other structured loans in a fraction of the time? What would that be worth to you, even in time savings?

Before I tell you about who we are, let me tell you about WHO WE ARE NOT. We are not the type of company that offers you FREE gifts to get you to show up to a local hotel to listen to a Real Estate Investing Guru. We are not going to invite you to a bootcamp to learn everything there is to know about real estate investing over a long weekend, that up sells you in to expensive coaching that ultimately leaves you with an 800 number and wishes you success.

We are a group of Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginning Real Estate Investors right here in Southern California (San Diego, Inland Empire, and Orange Counties). Did I mention we are ACTIVE and LOCAL investors? What we do is train, teach, mentor and support each other in achieving our financial goals. The more you put in of yourself, the more you will get out in a mutual beneficial community.

We believe to be great at something, it takes a STRONG educational foundation AND HANDS ON experience / training / mentorship. Because we value education so strongly, we offer the absolute best real estate investing education. Every one of our community members is educated via the same educational platform. Why? So we can consistently invest in real estate utilizing systematic processes and so all community members are speaking the same language. It's also so we can consistently invest in real estate utilizing systematic processes and so all community members are speaking the same language.

We also believe that education without practical assistance can only take someone so far. We believe that by combining top flight education with access to a community of active, local investors willing to provide hands on training it will inevitably lead to your success. So we offer both. Because of this, most of our community members are involved in a profitable transaction within their first 90 to 120 days!

Time is very valuable, so getting to know each other is vitally important to us. We invite you to start to get to know us by joining us at one of our community member’s active investment properties and watch us as we conduct a property tour. WHICH WILL BE THE MAJORITY OF THESE MEETUPS. The Mastermind Meetups will be by Private Invitation only to those who have met the criteria to join us.

Real Estate investing, is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are looking for that, we are not going to be a fit. We require that you get educated, just like you would if you wanted to be a nurse, an engineer or an educator. There is great freedom and flexibility in your schedule as a real estate investor and the opportunity to earn a lot of money is like no other profession. No two days seem to be alike.

There are no secrets in Real Estate as the guru's would like to fool you into believing, only experience counts. Which is why we have 27 mentors we work with, who have between 10 and 38 years of experience, each one a successful real estate business, entrepreneurial or financial literacy business.

The core focus is on education then action. Building a Real Estate business is not a hobby or something you do in passing, it requires dedication and focus. Which is why we have focused on some very distinct areas of real estate to get the series person up to speed as fast as possible with the most focus.

The core curriculum + the strategy sessions + bonus courses are designed from experience to move you through the learning process, just as you did in school.

Wholesaling, Lease Options & Notes - Good option for those when investment funds are limited, here we focus on strategies investors can employ to find deals, acquire properties and generate revenue through real estate. Very popular among the Working class wanting to move to a different lifestyle or reduce student or excess debt from their lives.

No Tenants, Toilets or Termites - Investors who seek the security and returns of real estate investments, but want to avoid the headaches that often follow with property ownership. Very popular among busy professionals, Doctors, Business people, etc who need extra income to phase out of their business, change their lifestyle or remove excess debt from their lives.

Buy and Hold - Building a Real Estate business that generates long-term passive income, here we focus on how to find, fund & manage residential rental properties to build a portfolio, whether the goal is for quitting your job, passive income, needing more time freedom or retirement earlier.

Short Sales / Foreclosures - Those that are problem solvers and have empathy and a sympathetic ear for those that have fallen on hard times who enjoy solving problems creatively, making a win-win situation for the home owners in serious financial difficulties.

Business Management - Building Business credit to payroll to partnerships, your portfolio is your business. Your profits can be accelerated as these functions are mastered.

Multi-Family - Commercial Apartments investing at it's finest, the more doors under control, the potential to earn higher rental income and build a management company to handle day-to-day operations.

Commercial - Those that have a portfolio that want to take it up to the next level. Learn the differences between commercial and residential real estate on a larger scale and how to transition to a more profitable and manageable portfolio.

Wealth Acceleration - Expanding a business, accelerated money management skills, private money lending, becoming your own bank.

Retiring in Real Estate - Those investors looking to transition from active management to passive income. Very popular with those who have a few rentals to several hundred or more rentals and converting their portfolio in to mailbox money or larger investments through 1031 exchanges.

If your ready to check us out and start making changes in your life, join us for one of our property tours and check out our community. Click on "JOIN this Group (" - TODAY!

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