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Feng Shui Master Certification - Sedona, AZ
Join Nicole Seidlitz from the International Feng Shui School for the Feng Shui Master Certification Training, in magical Sedona, AZ. This Certification Training will be held from October 18 - October 23, 2018. The training includes the Feng Shui manual, compass, 4 laminated charts and on completion becoming a certified Feng Shui Consultant at a Gold Level standard through the International Feng Shui School. This training builds a solid foundation for a Feng Shui practitioner by revealing its underlying theories. You will develop the profound ability to analyze the unique “energy blueprint” of a business or home to reveal its past, present and future potential. What you gain from attending the Feng Shui Master Training: You will be part of the International Feng Shui School alumni/family with continuing education classes and on-line support, with all the previous graduates sharing there knowledge and experience. Upon certification, you will receive a free listing on the International Feng Shui School web site. You will receive all the resources from from A- Z on how to start your own business, including web designers, business coaches, how to register your domain name, how to write a proposal, how to market your business, and much more. You will receive a certificate of completion from the International Feng Shui School upon completing three case studies and on completion of the training, you will have the level of confidence needed to go out into the world and help improve people's lives while earning a fantastic living. Our teachers are Feng Shui consultants, with extensive experience, trained directly by Amanda Collins, who has studied with leading Feng Shui Masters all over the world, taken numerous trainings, and runs a successful business Feng Shui consulting for a large client base, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to thousands of residential clients for the past decade. Ultimately, this Feng Shui course will help you become the master of your own life. Improve health, family, love, creativity and prosperity in your life and the lives of others Being a Feng Shui Consultant is one of the most rewarding and personally fulfilling professions really making a difference to people’s lives. Being conscious of your environment, making sure your home is a reflection of what you would like to manifest in your life. This Feng Shui training will be one of the best investments you will ever make - not just of financial benefit, but an investment in you - knowledge you will have and use for life. The classical Feng Shui methods in this training have their basis in natural science and ancient systems that have worked for over 6000 years. You will develop confidence, intuition and understanding to enhance your own life, as well as the lives of others. You will learn all the necessary skills for success in the growing market for Feng Shui consultants You will learn how to pick the perfect home for yourself or a client, whether buying or renting a house or an apartment; in addition, you will know how to build or remodel a house with amazing Feng Shui. You will receive on-going support when working with large or complex projects. You will learn how to run a successful business. Training Outline: Day 1 - Beginning Classical Feng Shui, History of Feng Shui, 5 Elements, 8 Trigrams Day 2 - Intermediate Classical Feng Shui, Flying Stars, Form School Feng Shui, Indoor & Outdoor Elemental Remedies Day 3 - Advanced Classical Feng Shui, Floor Plans, Landscaping with Feng Shui, Case Studies Day 4 - Business Feng Shui, Feng Shui for Love, EMF’s, Case Studies Day 5 - Feng Shui and Artwork & Color Theory, Feng Shui for Fertility & Nursery, Clutter Clearing, Case Studies Day 6 - Space Clearing, Home Blessings, Feng Shui and Real Estate, Living a Greener Life, Creating Altars and Vision Boards, Starting Your Feng Shui Business TICKETS & INFO: In love and service, Nicole

Sedona Creative Life Center

333 Schnebly Hill Rd · Sedona

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We meet monthly on the last Thursday of every month for a complimentary Feng Shui class. Our goal is to share and connect with a Feng Shui community for people interested in creating an environment that fosters great health and well being, peace and abundance and love.

Where you live and work has an incredible effect on your health and well being. People on average; spend at least 80% of their time indoors. This is why creating peaceful and harmonious environments is so important.

The intention of this group is to create a community of experts, students and enthusiasts that enjoy learning about Feng Shui to improve there lives and the lives of others

Looking forward to meeting you soon and getting to share this amazing knowledge and wisdom of Feng Shui with you!

Lots of love

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About the International Feng Shui School:

Amanda Collins is the founder of the International Feng Shui School, a certification-training program. Born and raised in Ireland, she has studied with leading Feng Shui masters around the world. Amanda trained with renowned masters in China in Compass School Feng Shui, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, Land Form and Traditional Feng Shui. A devoted scholar and traveler, she has also studied sacred spaces in Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. Amanda has worked with many clients including companies like Dream Works, Bloomingdales and Morgan Stanley, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America and Hyundai cars. (

Alina’s love affair with Feng Shui has deep roots in the energy work that she has been doing for the last 15 years. As a reiki practitioner and yoga teacher, she has been helping others to balance their personal energy in order to achieve a healthy, whole, contented state of being. Once she was introduced to Feng Shui, she realized that this was the missing piece in creating a harmonized life and began studying it right away. Several years after beginning her studies, she completed her Feng Shui certification with the International School of Feng Shui. She now gratefully practices Feng Shui and shares her joy by helping others learn how they can do the same. Having been born in Ecuador and having grown up both in the United States and abroad, she is bilingual and bicultural and enjoys teaching in both English and Spanish.

El amor que Alina siente por el Feng Shui y su enseñanza tiene raíces profundas en el trabajo de la energía que ha estado practicando durante los últimos 15 años. Como practicante del Reiki y maestra del yoga, ella les ha ayudado a otros a equilibrar su energía personal a fin de lograr un estado de salud balanceado y total. Al aprender sobre el Feng Shui, se dio cuenta que éste era la pieza que faltaba en la creación de una vida armonizada y comenzó a estudiarlo de inmediato. Varios años después de comenzar sus estudios, recibió su certificación de Maestra de Feng Shui en la Escuela Internacional de Feng Shui. Ahora practica el Feng Shui con agradecimiento y comparte su alegría al ayudar a otros a aprender cómo pueden hacer lo mismo. Al nacer en el Ecuador y al haber crecido tanto en los Estados Unidos como en el extranjero, es bilingüe y bicultural y goza de enseñar, tanto en Inglés como en el Español.

Justine found Feng Shui by divine timing while searching for something deeper in life to help others grow, be inspired, find their inner creativity, and experience all around balance and joy in life. She found Feng Shui to offer all these things and so much more. She experienced and admired the balance of science, the power of words, action and thoughts that hold energy and the power of intention. Due to the powerful knowledge and impact Feng Shui had on Justine, she just had to share this light which has been her passion for all of these years. (

Nicole’s love and passion for feng shui started before she even knew about it. From an early age she enjoyed decorating and rearranging rooms in the house because, as her family notes, “she always paid attention to details in a room to ensure the space ‘felt good.'” As a deeply intuitive person, she has been called to practice different types of healing modalities throughout her life. Completing her yoga teacher training accelerated things and guided her to formally learn feng shui. It was divine timing and she immediately recognized it was one of her deepest passions. Her life had major shifts after implementing only a few of the things she learned during the first days of training. This turned her awareness, sharper than ever, to the impact our living environment has on our lives and well-being. Inspired to help create more harmony in the world, she is honored to now share the feng shui knowledge and help people all around the world live happier, loving and joy-filled lives. Born in Ecuador and raised in Chile, Nicole now resides in California and loves traveling the world teaching feng shui in Spanish and English.

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