What we're about

This is the home for all seeking or creating their own Solar Energy and Electric Vehicle reality, including Battery Storage Systems.

Membership includes access to residential and commercial installations, EV demos, Storage solutions, Educational events, and insight toward all things power, around the home and business.

The Club, seeks to assist anyone going Solar and EV to determine what are their own best options, actual savings to expect, how to do the switch, and how to get the most from it.

Regular Meetings are Thursday, organized along the following schedule each month. New Members are welcome at any meeting. We seek to have interesting and informative speakers or presenters at each meeting.

Special Events will be posted individually. We seek to do a group tour of a Residential and a Commercial installation each month.

Regular Meetings Schedule

First Thursday each month - Overall Systems Approach

The focus is on overall systems approach, maximizing energy efficiency, solar, battery storage, Grid TOU, EV charging. Developing a plan to your specific combined approach. Creating a master plan and doing the math. This is the best place to start for New Members.

Second Thurs - Battery Storage Night - Residential and Commercial

Everyone is asking about it, and we all need to know about it, so if you want to better understand Lithium and Advanced Energy Storage and make better informed choices, this is the night to attend. We will rotate between presentations and onsite for residential and commercial energy storage installations.

Third Thurs - Electric Vehicle Night.

Road tests, Demos, Facts, Figures, Under-the-Hood, and hopefully the best deals :)

Fourth Thurs - Advanced Systems Night

This is where we learn, examine, touch, and try out a range of options for Home and Business. Energy Efficiency, Building Upgrades, Lighting Systems, Automation, On-site Processing, Energy Recovery, Water Systems, Landscaping, Waste Utilization....more.

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