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When I first became a step mom (Bonus mom I prefer) 7 years ago, I searched near and far for a place I resonated with. There were support groups, but they seemed to focus more on complaining about the circumstances and less on empowerment. I tried therapists, but after moving through some big feelings, I walked away without tools or potential ACTIONS I could take.
Because my husbands ex-wife has been extremely difficult (and is on the spectrum), I struggled constantly with feeling like I needed to 'make up for her,' and at the same time NOT being able to make any decisions because I'm not the REAL MOM.
Through the years though, I have developed some tools for myself and feel so so so much more alive and empowered in this role. Yes! But things still come up where I feel alone and am not sure what to do. If you're in this kind of situation you know that even when people are well-meaning, they just have no clue how hard this can truly be.

I wish I would have had a group of other step mom's from the beginning that could have understood.

So that's what this is.

If you are a step mom (regardless of if you've also had your own kids or not), and you're looking to feel way more empowered, finally have people that GET IT, find YOURSELF again, and experience a new zest for life,... lets create a group!

I am desiring to create a space for positive, grounded, open-minded, authentic women that are open to sharing vulnerabilities, sharing what is working (and what isn't), and willing to try new things so we can grow together in this super strange situation.

I'd love to hear from you!!

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