What we're about

This group is designed for single heterosexual men 30 and older who may have reservations around dating and desire a fulfilling relationship. The purpose of this group is for heterosexual single men to come together to find out women want and to get better prepared for dating. Let the world of women see your beautiful self!

We will be discussing ways to access confidence in your sexuality and yourself. During our time together, we will be looking at what women want in a man, what attracts them and what keeps them engaged.

These can be confusing times for men. I’ve heard comments from men, saying that they don’t know how to act around women. They feel scared to say anything as it may be interpreted in the wrong way. I started this group for men because I love and respect men, I love the gifts they bring to the table; protection, problem solving, physical strength, and handyman qualities. Find out how to let your beautiful self shine!

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