What we're about

We are a technical book club. We read the same book on software development and then meet once a month to discuss it. It takes us between 3 - 5 months to read a book.

Our current track is Python for Data Science.

Starting in August, 2020, we will have an Ethical Hacking track for four months.

Past books have covered C#, T-SQL, JavaScript, Entity Framework, Angular.JS, WPF, Python, DevOps, etc. Our current topic is R for Data Science. Our next topics will either be Docker/Kubernetes or Python for Data Science.

If you'd like to see past webcasts of our meetings, please visit the CraftingBytes YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4g18nauWI2pAuaiC6bWgw).

Or check out Ike Ellis's channel for our latest webcasts: Learn R Together (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iiRbu3cXW8)!

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Ethical Hacking Part 2

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Homework for meeting on November 12th Modules 4-6 of Troy Hunt's Hack Yourself First course • Cookies • Internal Implementation Disclosure • Parameter Tampering From Juice Shop • Zero Stars Give a devastating zero-star feedback to the store. (Improper Input Validation) • Outdated Whitelist Let us redirect you to one of our crypto currency addresses (Unvalidated Redirects) • Manipulate Basket Put an additional product into another user's shopping basket (Broken Access Control) • CAPTCHA Bypass Submit 10 or more customer feedbacks within 10 seconds (Broken Anti Automation) • Deluxe Fraud Obtain a Deluxe Membership without paying for it (Improper Input Validation) • Upload Size/Type Upload a file larger than 100 kB Upload a file that has no .pdf or .zip extension (Improper Input Validation) • Whitelist Bypass Enforce a redirect to a page you are not supposed to redirect to (Unvalidated Redirects)

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Ethical Hacking Part 2

Online event

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