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Energy from Thorium is a cure for our addiction to foreign oil, environmental destruction, and our nation’s economic decline. This energy option would give the US a future of prosperity. We need to get restarted, currently China, India, and Canada are already working on generating low cost, abundant Energy from Thorium.

What is Thorium? How about an energy source that will last for 10,000 years and is plentiful domestically so we do not need to conduct economically devastating foreign wars to get it? An energy source that is continuous, dense, safe and does not create greenhouse gasses, oil spills, or megatons of long lived nuclear waste. A technology that can be used to create liquid fuels for transportation by recapturing green house gasses and produce abundant fresh water by desalination. A source of energy that is so affordable that solves our economic problems by putting people back to work and making US products competitive in the world again. A small, safe reactor that can be used to consume spent uranium from existing nuclear reactors. A technology that was developed in the 1960s and has been sitting idle for 45 years.

We are tasked with championing the development of Thorium as a source of energy for the US and the world. To educate the population and our government about energy from Thorium. To create a Thorium future that makes clean, safe, inexpensive energy available to the US and eventually the rest of the world. Just as the use of carbon based fuels brought about modern civilization, freed the slaves, and increased our standard of living, the Thorium revolution will emancipate us from the vagaries of high priced, environmentally damaging energy and the wars needed to control its production.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2vzotsvvkw TED Talk

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Discuss a Thorium Power Purchase agreement with SDG&E
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We have found a company that will provide Thorium power but they need a customer. If you know anyone working at SDG&E let me know. I will work with them to locate their strategic procurement department expert to set up a meeting. Please text me any contact info. 408 four two two 1096 I will keep it confidential.

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