Karaoke Goes to the Dogs (& Kitties)! It's a PET-FOOD-RAISER Networking PARTY!

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Note: This event is sponsored by and is a benefit for ARC Animal Rescue . It's not a NetParty-sponsored event but it's for a good cause and we hope you find it valuable.



YOU are invited to FABULOUS LA JOLLA PARTY on APRIL FOOLS DAY to raise Pet Food for our starving and homeless animals!
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. They have GIVEN us (FOR FREE!) the ENTIRE CoCo's building in La Jolla’s Costa Verde shopping center for our party!
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. AND, we are DEDICATING a space JUST for our Biz Networking Meetup! There will be tons of FOOD and drink, Karaoke, contests, entertainment, dancing and SURPRISES throughout the evening! .

• .We have TONS of FREE PARKING! AND you can take your Favorite Freeway there (805 or 5). … just go down Genesee or LJ Village Drive and BAM, there you are!)..

• For admission... bring a bottle of wine and ....a (MOST IMPORTANTLY…) A big BAG of pet food OR CANS of pet food or even a huge tray of people food to share if you a love to cook …and a bottle of wine or case of ... aw heck, just pm and tell us how you want to help... (short on cash? Come early and help set up for free admission! PM to us now for details)

• Food Service will be at 6pm - 7:15pm, (Show up late and no foodies for you!) (But we will let THIS Biz Networking Meetup in sooner, since you are just getting off of work and you need to RELAX!!. (YES, YOU are SPECIAL!)

• . . LOTS of Surprises and Entertainment throughout the evening, including but not limited to Karaoke, Dancing, a World Premiere of a New Musical, Book, Signings, Board Games, Pet Rock Races,….a Hysterically funny COMMEDIANNE has JUST SIGNED ON TODAY!!! , Hilarious Entertainers… and oh MY… some surprises we can't even talk about yet!!!!

• . .YOU WANT TO BE AT THIS EVENT!!! They'll be talking about it for years... BE THERE! RSVP NOW!

• . .COME for the NETWORKING, the PHILANTHROPY… to help the doggies and kitties....STAY for the FUN!!!

RSVP here…