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SOUND is a POWERFUL tool. Through the Art of Music , Therapy, and Meditation, Eclectic Musician Matt Huz leads you on a sound healing exploration that taps into your chakras, soul, body, and mind.

With a Fusion of The Doors, Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and John Cash, Matt takes these sounds that he has grown up in and mixed them with eastern linear melodies. Bathing in Tonal Chimes, Greek Drums, Crystal Bowls, and Electric Guitar Vibrations, this mixture is not just a Sound Healing Experience, but rather a Journey into the concise unknown.

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Sound Healing Session - Tones for the Week Ahead

1510 Front St

Translucent Sound Healing Meditation Concert

Balboa Park

Sound Healing Concert

1510 Front St

Translucent Concert Series

1510 Front St

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