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Just as the headline says, this group is for those with professional careers and small business owners who want to network within the San Diego region. Our mission statement is to build a small business community where we promote each other, learn from each other, do business with each other. We hope to provide a chance for people to create strong business and strategic alliances and lasting professional, business relationships in addition to making new friends! If you're new in town and want to meet other driven and goal-oriented people or simply just want to learn and grow your opportunities, this is a great place for you. We challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and meet individuals you otherwise may never have. Why do it this way? Because you will never know where you'll meet your next great friend, or your next business opportunity.

SDFP has 2 memebership profiles: General and Elite. Our General membership is what we've had for sometime now. Our Elite membership is new and is a leadership position with the prospective to promote your business.


• Open to everyone

• $10/event


• True Networking

• Must help with at least 2 events or present for the group throughout the year

• You get to send 2-3 email blasts of your own liking

• Mandatory to lead 2x/yr in education through a seminar or joint seminar with co-elite member

• Chance to deepen relationships with other Elite members (people dedicated to growing their business)

• Automatically categorized as a group sponsor which adds you to the site's sponsor listing and grants your business domain a few email blasts per year

• Help Plan yearly Gala and assist in fundraising and deciding which local organizations to donate proceeds from Gala

• Memebership fee $250/yr

We aim to have two meetings each month: "A formal" meeting where we pick one or two people from the group to present an informative topic where everyone will learn something. It gives each member the chance to share their expertise; therefore, providing more opportunity to build credible relationships. I believe this type of networking to be highly effective. Our second monthly meeting or informal meeting usually over "Cocktails and Conversation" where we get to know more about each other and develop long and lasting professional relationships. However, we always start our event with the round table introduction where you get to introduce yourself and the reason why you came, so don't miss out. That way, it gives you an idea of people you really want to connect with.

Look! Networking is all about what you put in. You pick a few groups you like and make an effort to come to their event regularly. I have seen that people do business with others because they see you over and over again and become familiar with your face.

The people included in this group are: Engineers, Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Optometrists, Attorneys, CPAs, Architects, Analysts, Business Owners, and Business Management, etc.

On the business side of things, we are all about promoting from within the group. If you have an offer or service, the Elite membership is for you. As you come to each and every subsequent meet-up, people will recognize and trust you. It's very simple if you think about it. All good things come with time. And the effort you put forth will be rewarded in the end.

Our meet-ups include happy hours, night-on-the-town, community service projects, and educational seminars.

If you are new in town, JOIN! If you want to meet professionals with careers, JOIN! If you are ambitious, energetic, and open-minded, JOIN!

Yours truly,

Levy Ahouandjinou

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