What we're about

Welcome! We are grateful and excited to have you join us! We are a group of seasoned and new Real Estate Investors and direct lenders with a passion to help, inspire, educate and resource our fellow rehabbers and real estate investors.

We are dedicated to helping others create lasting financial freedom and providing our members with the resources, education and opportunities they need to create an ever- increasing level of multi-generational wealth.

I have a particular passion for helping those who have done 0-5 flips in their real estate entrepreneur journey as I started my career as a real estate investor in 2009, completely green and networking at several REI clubs, expos and seminars.

Come Network with Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Agents, Lenders, Joint Venture Partners, Money Partners, Wholesalers, Landlords, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and other like-minded people wanting to grow, learn and add value to others.

Our focus is on practical and actionable education, quality networking, deal analysis, recommending and providing tools, free workshops, discussing different viable strategies, providing resources, access to vendors and discounts, offering financing, helping you raise capital, personal development, having fun and creating mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships!

Our group and meetings are only great because of all of YOU who attend and mutually contribute!

Come join us!

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