• Microsoft Talk on Deep Learning in Large Scale Search Advertising Systems

    Large scale search advertising systems have many challenges in Natural Language Understanding and Computer Vision areas such as query and ads understanding, semantic representation, fast ads retrieval and relevance modeling, product image understanding and product detection. In his insightful talk, Bruce Zhang from Microsoft AI & Research will walk us through these various challenges and share how the Microsoft team has developed and deployed cutting-edge technologies, based on deep learning and ads domain data, in their Ads stack to improve ad quality and increase Revenue Per 1000 search (RPM). In addition, he will also share deep learning techniques used in Bing Ads such as query/ads semantic embedding models and KNN search service, query tagging model, generative models for query rewriting, DNN based query-keyword relevance model, visual product recognition models, product detection and description generation models for Product Ads. Who is this talk for? If your work touches machine learning, this talk is for you. Insights learned will be helpful for data scientists, researchers, engineers and those working on products optimizing search functions. It will also be helpful for those seeking to deploy deep learning models at scale while keeping product integrity. What can you expect? You will walk away with a better understanding of the challenges of search systems, the machine learning based technologies, and the practical processes needed to create those technologies and a case study of how AI integrations is helping a core business function. More about the speaker: Bruce Zhang is a Partner Group R&D Manager in Microsoft AI & Research, he oversees R&D of query/ads understanding and matching algorithms, relevance ranking, machine learning models, information retrieval, personalization, and large-scale distributed serving systems development that power Ads retrieval in Bing Advertising marketplace. Learn more about Bruce here -> https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruofei/ We will kick off the meetup with food + networking at 6p and the talk will start at 6.30p. Our last meetup had standing room only so plan on being there early to get a seat. **NO WALK-INs. PLEASE RSVP TO JOIN THIS EVENT** [This event will be hosted at Microsoft office in SF. Address will be shared with those who RSVP]

  • Introduction to MLUX - Machine Learning User Experience

    With the rise of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science, new technologies are becoming interwoven into everything, and new tools are helping make it easier to build machine learning products. But what does this mean when it comes to Design and User Experience? How do we design for these new machine learning experiences? How can we help make what our model is doing transparent to our users, and design ways for them to engage - even get data for future models and features that aren't even built yet? In this talk, Michelle Carney will share the exciting advances she sees in this field as an organizer of the popular MLUX meetup group in SF, as well as a Lecturer at the Stanford d.school, along with some best practices and recommendations for ML + UX collaboration in the future. Who is this talk for? This talk is designed for UX Designers for Machine Learning, Data Scientists solving problems around user experience, Researchers working on perceptions around ML/DS interfaces, and any one who wants to learn about the exciting new field of MLUX. ML Prototypers What to expect? You will walk away with a better understanding of this emerging field of MLUX - Machine Learning/AI/Data Science + UX, and ideas for how product + data science can work together to build engaging machine learning models. Speaker: Michelle Carney is a Computational Neuroscientist turned UX'er, Michelle's practice focuses on the intersection of Data Science and UX. Currently at Amazon Music, Michelle's projects focus around combining Machine Learning and UX on products like Alexa, and more! Outside of work, Michelle organizes the Machine Learning and UX Meetup (www.meetup.com/MLUXSF) and teaches at the Stanford d.school as a Lecturer for the Designing Machine Learning course and various workshops. We will kick off the meetup with pizza + networking at 6p and the talk will start at 6.30p. Seating is limited so please plan on being there early to get a seat. **NO WALK-INs. PLEASE RSVP TO JOIN THIS EVENT** Big shout out to our food and venue sponsors: GigNow is a saas platform that leverages an innovative approach in developing a network of top contractor talent, with an AI/ML based platform & a fast and easy process. We enable the most sought-after contractor talent in the world to find the right gigs. Find out more at www.gignow.com. Tribe Co-Living is a vibrant community co-living space for people that are looking for more than just housing. The team at Tribe CoLiving are very intentional about the communities they aim to create within our homes and understand that community starts with their amazing members. More information at https://www.tribecoliving.com/san-francisco

  • Conversational AI and Intelligent Chatbot Design Strategy

    What is Conversational Design? /ˌkänvərˈsāSH(ə)nal/ /dəˈzīn/ The craft of imparting in a machine those human-like capabilities that enable the machine to interact with humans conversationally, on their terms – not on the machine’s. What Does This Mean? This means understanding written and spoken natural language, adjusting the interaction based on tone/syntax and visual cues, and abstracting/simplifying complex processes. Why is This Important? So that the user does not lose confidence in the interaction if the chatbot sounds dumb and doesn’t parse the info. And the conversational designers understand how users talk to the chatbot and build conversational interactions that respond in kind. Don McInnes from Oracle is going to share the conversational design strategies, tactics, and examples. He will touch on the NLP capabilities that need to be considered for every chatbot when formulating the design principles. He will talk about all the necessary ‘plumbing’ required like data, integration and other backend systems that need to come together. And of course, he will talk about what conversational designers do and what their DNA is to make ‘intelligent chatbots.’ About Don McInnes: https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-mcinnes/ We will kick off the meetup with pizza + networking at 6p and the talk will start at 6.30p. Seating is limited so please plan on being there early to get a seat. **NO WALK-INs. PLEASE RSVP TO JOIN THIS EVENT.** Big Thank You to our Generous Sponsors: Food is provided by the great team at Oracle and our venue host is Tribe Co-Living, a vibrant community co-living space for people that are looking for more than just housing. The team at Tribe CoLiving are very intentional about the communities they aim to create within our homes and understand that community starts with their amazing members. More information at https://www.tribecoliving.com/san-francisco

  • Use cases and application of ML & AI in Software Engineering

    From QA, release management, maintenance to cybersecurity, AI has applications for every engineering problem. In our February Meetup, we will discuss interesting use cases and applications of machine learning in what we have thought of as traditional software development. We'll learn from the real-world experiences of software engineers working with data scientists to build products that leverage machine learning into their platforms. We will start with pizza + networking at 6p, panel discussion at 6.30p, followed by audience Q&A at 7.30p and close at 8p. Meet our expert panel: Lei Pan, Solutions Architect at Databricks and Suzanne Yuen, Director of Data Science at Salesforce.org. This discussion will be moderated by Mia Dand, the organizer of SF AI meetup and CEO of Lighthouse3. Lei Pan recently joined Databricks as solutions architect because she believes together we can help democratize AI to make the world better. After getting her Master's in computer science and MBA, Lei Pan worked as a software engineer for couple years for big corporations. She has contributed to payments and machine learning projects at Capital One. She participated in 2 anti-fraud machine learning competitions and won one of them. Her AI product ideas was ranked as top 2 out of 70 ideas at Startup Weekend. Suzanne Yuen is the Director of Data Science at Salesforce.org. She has been a data practitioner for nearly a decade at various companies including VISA, Walt Disney, Williams Sonoma, and a smaller startup. She founded WomenforData.org, which focuses on getting more women into the professional data space. She focuses on how to help nonprofits and educational institutes level up with AI, Machine Learning, and other Data Science practices. Mia Dand is an AI & Emerging Tech leader and passionate Diversity in Tech advocate with 10+ years of experience in helping Fortune 5000 companies innovate responsibly with new technologies. She is author of the definitive guide, 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics, the organizer for SF AI Tech, SF AI & Emerging Tech, and East Bay AI & Emerging Tech meetups. She is also the host for monthly #AIEthics chat on Twitter and AI & Emerging Tech group on Facebook. ---- Big thanks to our generous sponsors: Food & Drinks: QCon.ai, a machine learning software conference designed for software engineers. This is not another machine learning conference for machine learning experts. It's designed for the SWE (software engineer). It's about machine learning and AI use cases helping software engineers remove friction in writing code. More information on the conference at https://qcon.ai/ Venue: Tribe CoLiving, a vibrant community co-living space for people that are looking for more than just housing. The team at Tribe CoLiving are very intentional about the communities they aim to create within our homes and understand that community starts with their amazing members. More information at https://www.tribecoliving.com/san-francisco

  • Future-proof your Career: Expert Panel Discussion on Opportunities in AI

    We are excited to kick off the new year with an expert panel discussion in partnership with H20.ai that will answer all your burning questions on latest job trends and career opportunities in AI. The latest World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs report says, while new technologies can drive business growth, job creation and demand for specialized skills, they can also displace entire job categories when certain tasks become obsolete or automated. WEF analysis has found extensive evidence of accelerating demand for a variety of new specialist roles to latest emerging technologies: AI and Machine Learning Specialists, User Experience and Human-Machine Interaction Designers, Robotics Engineers and others. While, KPMG says the top 5 new jobs in AI are AI Architect, AI Product Manager, Data Scientist, AI Technology Software Engineer, and AI Ethicist. This changing landscape makes it critical for professionals to future-proof their skills to take advantage of these new opportunities in AI. So we have invited a group of brilliant AI professionals from Amazon, Intel and other leading global organizations to share their insights on: 1) New types of jobs, career paths and opportunities in AI 2) Skills you need to be successful in this new AI age 3) Useful tips on how to land your next opportunity in this space We will start with pizza + networking at 6p, followed by panel discussion from[masked]p, and close with Q&A at 7.30p. Seating is limited so reserve your seat today!

  • [AI Bootcamp] Zero to Deep Learning

    San Francisco State University Downtown Campus

    –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– JOIN AT THIS LINK: http://bit.ly/2O081Dw with 10% discount code: mtb10off *NB you won't be able to attend the bootcamp if not registered –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– • Why Zero to Deep Learning? • There are many online courses, 1 or 2-day training, and much longer fellowships on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We are however yet to see an immersive course to take you from Zero to Deep Learning, in a proven way, in 5 days. That’s why we teach our bootcamp - to deliver a 5-day full-time introduction to cutting-edge Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques using Python. • Who Should Attend? • It is designed for Software Engineers, Software Engineering Managers, and Data Analysts seeking to upskill into Machine Learning & Deep Learning. • What makes Zero to Deep Learning different from other courses? • We focus on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and neural networks with Python. We balance breadth and depth. By the end, you will know enough of the foundations of ML and DL to bypass the painful part of approaching a new subject, and take your learning curve from months to days. It’s 5 days, and immersive. There are many 1-2 day courses available, but generally, we think these are too short. We also know the appeal of part-time courses – you can complete them while working full-time. We have however seen that participants often don’t make the time and mental space to learn, and get less value from the courses. We believe immersive is best, and 5 days is the sweet spot between time out of the office, and learning powerful content to with a very positive return on investment Our courses are self-contained, hands-on and interactive <5 full days of Knowledge and Skill> You’ll get versed in Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. These are the elements that come together to make driverless cars, to recognize faces, to market products, and to drive big decisions from big data. -> You will Build: A language detector An image recognition engine A sentiment classifier that can decipher the tone of text A spam detector that can triage sms messages A forecasting algorithm that predicts future energy consumption A deployed API that predicts phone location from wifi signal A final project of your own And more … -> Final Project Apply what you have learnt immediately Collaborate with a team Build an application end-to-end Show off your results Immediately bring back value to your organization In the past people have built: An algorithm to forecast the price of Bitcoin A mobile application to recognize objects A web application to detect toxic language in comments And more … -> The most up to date curriculum with best practice teaching The curriculum is specifically crafted to make Deep Learning accessible to a broad range of students and professionals. The bootcamp is fully immersive – you will be hands on throughout. Classes are a mix of lectures, practical exercises, Q and A, supported by teaching assistants to make sure each person is progressing throughout the bootcamp.

  • AI/Machine Learning 101: Demystifying Deep Neural Nets

    Mind the Bridge HQ

    Deep learning is a huge topic and it can be pretty difficult to know where to start. When Rosie Campbell, Assistant Director of the Center for Human-Compatible AI. first began learning about it, she found herself wading through very technical explanations with unfamiliar terminology. It was hard to abstract this away and develop an intuitive understanding of what is actually going on. Rosie finally mastered Deep Neural Nets (DNNs) and in the process, she created a very popular and insightful talk, which we are excited to have her to share with our Meetup group. This session is aimed at people with some technical background and a basic grasp of maths (i.e. GCSE level), but assumes no prior machine learning knowledge. There are a lot of simplifications, and some details have been left out but it’s Rosie's attempt to demystify neural nets and provide an ‘intuition’ that can serve as a foundation for further technical reading. Hope you can join us for our most informative and interesting meetup yet! We will kick off with pizza + networking at 6p and start the session at 6.30p. Speaker bio: Rosie Campbell's academic background spans physics, philosophy, computer science, and machine learning. She previously worked as a research engineer at the BBC and co-founded a thriving futurist group in the UK. She is an aspiring rationalist and effective altruist, and is interested in how emerging tech can shape a positive future.

  • AI in Conversational Commerce with LivePerson

    Mind the Bridge HQ

    AIMA event co-organized with San Francisco AI Meetup and San Francisco AI Emerging Technologies. WHAT We are on a mission of unveiling the AI Marketing niche and to do so we structured a series of events on the hottest topics for the moment with TOP experts in the field. This time is the turn of the impact of AI in the Conversational Commerce space from AI Chatbots, Personal Assistants to Virtual sales rep. During the last meetup we discovered how AI can be applied to advertising. We invited one of the most relevant players in this field to speak at our event, Grant McDougall, Founder at Nucleal. WHERE Mind the Bridge Innovation Center 450 Townsend street, San Francisco (CA) 94107 WHO INTRO - Federico Gobbi, Partner at AIMA KEYNOTE - Jay Vasudevan, LivePerson, Senior Director, Enterprise Bots & Automation (former eBay Lead Product Manager) @jaysv Senior Director, Enterprise Bots & Automation at Liveperson, Inc. (Nasdaq: LPSN), a leading provider of conversational commerce solutions. Formerly Lead Conversational commerce at eBay, spanning AI-voice assistants & chatbots, eCommerce, marketplaces, social networks, consumer mobile & enterprise web. Seasoned entrepreneur, who’s lead cross-functional teams, across multiple regions, from inception through growth-stage and successful exits. - Launched eBay voice assistant in North America and Australia on Google Assistant, pioneering multi-surface conversational commerce experiences - Grew eBay assistant into a top-ranked action on Google Assistant in the Shopping - Accelerated growth of eBay ShopBot on Facebook Messenger - Launched and pioneered conversation commerce in live-event ticketing with the StubHub Assistant on Facebook Messenger, Skype & iMessage - Co-invented multiple patents on conversational commerce. AGENDA 5:45pm CHECK-IN 6:30pm INTRO: AIMA activities & next events KEYNOTE: AI in Conversational Commerce with LivePerson 7:00pm Q&A 7:30pm Networking + Dinner 8.00pm Drive Safe SPONSORS - Mind the Bridge - Evensi - C'era una volta

  • Building and Scaling your First Machine Learning model. Lessons from AlphaZero.

    Following the success of their AlphaGo program that achieved superhuman performance in the game of Go, DeepMind has generalized their reinforcement learning approach into a single AlphaZero algorithm that can achieve "almost alien-like" performance across many challenging domains. Starting from random play and without any domain knowledge, within 24 hours, AlphaZero taught itself to play chess well enough to defeat a world-champion program in games of chess and shogi (Japanese chess). For our October meetup, we have invited the Oracle Cloud team to give us a tour of the AlphaZero algorithm and share the architecture, protocols and other technologies that made it possible to implement DeepMind's revolutionary algorithm. In this interactive session, the team will also answer your questions and share best practices for building/scaling your first neural network/ML model. For our more advanced practitioners, this discussion will include a deep dive of popular model formats including Tensorflow, Caffe2, ONNX, and TensorRT, and how to deploy these models to production using various serving technologies like GraphPipe. We will kick off the session with networking over pizza + drinks. This event is co-hosted with San Francisco AI & Emerging Tech Meetup. Space is limited so please reserve your seat ASAP.

  • [PARTNER EVENT] AI Forum 2018

    The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

    JOIN THE AI FORUM 2018 FOR FREE AT THIS LINK: http://events.zillowgroup.com/aiforum2018 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Join Zillow Group and a collection of AI thought leaders for a full day of learning and networking. This intimate gathering will explore what’s new in the field of AI and deep learning. Learn from experts representing some of the nation’s largest and most cutting-edge tech companies, including Airbnb, AI2, Amazon, Kaggle, Netflix, Uber, and Zillow. Breakfast, networking lunch and a happy hour are all hosted by Zillow Group. The Zillow Group AI Forum 2018 is a free event, but space is limited. Please register today. There will be some door prizes and awesome swag. Do not miss this exciting and innovative event! ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 🎙 SPEAKERS: • Andy Mauro, CO-FOUNDER & CEO, AUTOMAT • Anthony Goldbloom, CEO, KAGGLE • Elena Grewal, HEAD OF DATA SCIENCE, AIRBNB • Erdem Ozcan, CO-FOUNDER & HEAD OF RESEARCH, AUTOMAT • Fernando Amat, SENIOR RESEARCH ENGINEER, NETFLIX • Hayden Liu, AUTHOR & CHIEF DATA SCIENCE EXPERT • Jasjeet Thind, VICE PRESIDENT, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ZILLOW GROUP • Jaya Kawale, SENIOR RESEARCH SCIENTIST, NETFLIX • Khalifeh AlJadda, LEAD DATA SCIENTIST, CAREERBUILDER • Mario Vinasco, MARKETING ANALYTICS & DATA SCIENCE, UBER • Oren Etzioni, CEO, ALLEN INSTITUTE FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE • Stan Humphries, CHIEF ANALYTICS OFFICER, ZILLOW GROUP ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 📅 AGENDA: Please check back for periodic updates as speakers and session details are released. 8:00 - 9:00am Breakfast and welcome from Zillow Group executives in Gallery 9:00am - 12:15pm AI morning sessions in the Gallery - Digital Marketing and AI - Mario Vinasco, Marketing Analytics, Uber - Deep Learning in Predicting Ad Click Desires - Hayden Liu, Author - AI Organizations and Job Titles fireside chat with: - Elena Grewal, Head of Data Science, Airbnb -Jasjeet Thind, VP, Artificial Intelligence, Zillow Group - Vasi Philomin, GM, Amazon AI - Recommendation Systems - Jaya Kawale, Sr. Research Scientist, Netflix and Fernando Amat, Sr. Research Engineer, Netflix 12:15 - 1:15pm Networking lunch in the Innovation Hub 1:15 - 4:30pm AI afternoon sessions, and fireside chat in the Gallery - Semantic Search and NLP - Khalifed Al Jadda, Lead Data Scientist, CareerBuilder - Chatbots - Andy Mauro, CEO and Erdem Ozcan, Chief Scientist, Automat.ai - Voice AI - Vasi Philomin, GM Amazon AI - The Future of AI fireside chat with: - Oren Etzioni, CEO, AI2 - Anthony Goldbloom, CEO, Kaggle - Stan Humphries, CAO, Zillow Group 4:30 - 5:30pm Happy hour and conversation in the Innovation Hub