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This is an outdoor adventure group - from beginner backpacking overnights to more challenging off-trail trips. In addition some trips will have a focus on photography, night photography, plant identification or other accompanying interest that furthers our appreciation of the great outdoors.

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Learn compass/map navigation | Overnight backpacking - Emigrant Wilderness

• Are you tired of hiking or backpacking on trails?
• Do you ever feel the desire to get off the beaten path?
• Do you wonder how one travels in winter when the trails are covered with 10 feet of snow?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, continue reading to find your next adventure.

The focus of this trip is to learn how to navigate with a map and compass. At the trailhead, we will cover some of the basics, and as we travel to our destination, we will put these concepts into practice.

Topics to be covered:
• Reading a topo map

  • Elevation contour lines
  • Map scales
  • Map legend
  • Ground features on a map

• Using your compass

  • Anatomy of a compass
  • Orienting with your map
  • Taking bearings
  • Identifying landmarks
  • Planning a route

We will travel from the Gianelli Trailhead to Granite Lake in Emigrant Wilderness. The approximate travel distance is 4.5 miles one-way, of which the first 1.5 miles are on a maintained trail, and the remaining 3 miles are off-trail on moderate terrain.

  • Distance (one-way): ~4.5 miles
  • Elevation range: 8300' - 9100'
  • Elevation gain: +1360' / -1327'

Meet at the Gianelli Trailhead on Saturday, June 11th at 9am. We will start hiking promptly at 9:30am. Expect to be back to the cars on Sunday, June 12th at around 4pm.

In addition to your backpacking gear, bring a compass. Bring a map of Emigrant Wilderness if you have one. If you don't have a map, I'll have printouts of the travel area which I'll hand out at the trailhead.

This event is FREE, $0, nada, zilch. However, in an effort to reduce the number of no-shows and late-shows, I ask that you pay $20 within 48 hours of signing up for this trip. At the trailhead, if you arrive before 9am, I will give you back your $20.
(a) If you cancel after the 28th of May, you lose your $20.
(b) If you do not show up at the trailhead, you lose your $20.
(c) If you show up at the trailhead after 9am, you lose your $20.
(d) If you show up at the trailhead without a compass, you lose your $20.
(e) If you do not pay within 48 hours of signing up, or provide an answer to all the questions, you will be removed from the YES list and not allowed to get back on the YES list.

Check the weather on NOAA

• The off-trail miles are over moderate terrain. Expect:

  • light scrambling over/under rocks
  • walking above the treeline across giant slabs of granite
  • crossing streams and/or creeks
  • walking through dense forest

• I am not a guide nor an instructor, but I have traveled hundreds of off-trail miles in the Sierra Nevada and haven't gotten lost yet. ;-)
• You won't become an expert, but you'll learn basic navigation skills which may open a world of opportunity for you.
• If you have any questions or concerns, please ask.

Intermediate Backpack overnight to Loch Levin Lakes

Needs a location

This is an awesome Summer overnight trip, with great swimming and beautiful views.

This is an out & back, single night backpacking trip from the trailhead (5.800’) to Loch Leven Lakes (6,500’). The trail is 4 miles to the middle lake. There are some steeper sections of trail and some switchbacks, but nothing awful. This trip is for people with some backpacking experience and moderate fitness.

Meet at the parking lot for the Loch Leven Trailhead at 9am Saturday. Parking is very limited so car-pooling is strongly encouraged. The trailhead is about an hour east of the city of Auburn off highway 80.


Here is a map of the hike:




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Beginning backpacking Coast Camp at Point Reyes

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