Clickhouse in the Wild -- Deployment Success Stories

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Are you using ClickHouse data warehouse or do you just want to find out what the buzz is about? The next meetup will feature talks about ClickHouse usage, kindly hosted by CloudFlare.

Provisional Agenda:
6:00 - Doors Open
6:00 - 6:40 Networking
6:45 - 6:55 Announcements and Shout-Outs
6:55 - 7:25 "Become dangerous on ClickHouse in 30 minutes" -- The talk I wish I had heard before starting on ClickHouse by Robert Hodges
7:25 - 8:10 "If you give a mouse a ClickHouse" -- ClickHouse deployment at by Alex Hofsteede
8:30 Head for home


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Talk 1: Become dangerous on ClickHouse in 30 minutes

Speaker: Robert Hodges

Most people have used multiple databases before they meet up with the ClickHouse data warehouse. Even with that experience, there is still a lot to learn. This talk is a quick intro to ClickHouse starting with basic plumbing, adding contrasts with other databases you might have used, and ending with an answer to the eternal question: "if ClickHouse is the right solution what are the right problems"? It's the talk I should have heard before typing 'docker run -d yandex/clickhouse-server' for the first time.

Robert Hodges is CEO of Altinity, which offers commercial support for ClickHouse. He has been hacking on or around database technology since 1983, including 7 years on OLTP systems at Sybase and 10 years of clustering and replication for MySQL. ClickHouse is database #17.

Talk 2: "If you give a mouse a ClickHouse"

Speaker: Alex Hofsteede

This past year, Sentry replaced big pieces of our data infrastructure with Clickhouse, which has already allowed us to build rich new features in our core product and lay the groundwork for some exciting new capabilities in the future (all while switching off a bunch of servers). As you might expect, we've learned a lot of lessons in replacing different types of datastores. Listen to us talk about those lessons. Ask questions. Receive answers to those questions. Give us your feedback and ideas.

Alex Hofsteede is a Principal Engineer on the Search & Storage team at Sentry. Previously he was the Team Lead for the Database Performance team at Mixpanel, and has spent at least the last few years trying to think of ways to make analytics databases go faster.

If you are using ClickHouse and would like to share your experiences in a future meetup talk please send email to [masked].