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Hello Bike Partiers!The last couple months have been rough on all of us. We miss our friends, our community and our fun bike rides that brought us together.

After much thought and discussion bike party has decided that we cannot in good conscience organize any "Party" rides until the shelter in place is lifted and it is again safe to gather in large numbers.

Black Lives Matter protest rides are the exception to this and we reiterate that we will offer aid and support any BIPOC community leaders that wish to lead a ride.

Please stay safe, be kind to each other, wash your hands and wear your masks please!BIKE PARTY! #BlackLivesMatt (https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/blacklivesmatter?__eep__=6&__cft__[0]=AZWcTYR0_vmyHnlL834Rll41PVOsIH5q-NKQYz0oSeLfSSLaN8AMZDXAChr1mi9KA9f9XGTObb6ZshESAiAm6cMscvWH74wwPDghDcN7cEFiUvKHHRqADiMAMNdXbMiIw1QYqlIzBT_XiarLHx3C7tGN&__tn__=*NK-R)er


San Francisco Bike Party is a monthly CELEBRATION of biking!

* SFBP is for ALL RIDERS of different ages, types, and skill levels to enjoy.
* SFBP encourages people to bring POSITIVITY and CONTRIBUTE to good times while being RESPECTFUL to others.
* SFBP rides FUN and SAFE with stops to DANCE and SOCIALIZE along the way.
* SFBP follows PLANNED ROUTES exploring all different parts of the city each month.

Who runs it?

* SFBP is created by a CO-OP, by and for bike enthusiasts, run by volunteers.
* SFBP volunteers plan the routes, test ride them, help participants ride in control, avoid traffic disruption, and not get lost.

Who is it for?

* SFBP is for EVERYONE, cyclists and people on and around the street.
* SFBP invites riders from EVERYWHERE around the Bay Area and beyond to participate and BRIDGE COMMUNTIES.

Where and When:

* SFBP is on the 1st FRIDAY at 8pm every month, with the route being announced beforehand, beginning in and riding thru different parts of San Francisco.

* Stay in the Right Lane
* Stop at Red Lights
* Leave No Trace
* Ride Predictably and in Control
* Roll Past Conflict
* Ride Prepared
* When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

To find out more, click here!

San Francisco Bike Party (https://sfbikeparty.wordpress.com)

Look for us on Facebook too!

Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SanFranciscoBikeParty/)

Upcoming events (1)

San Francisco Bike Party #116 California Love

Civic Center, San Francisco, CA

Meet up at 7:30pm roll out at 8:00pm.

San Francisco Bike Party patches will be sold during the event.

TURN VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Find the ride leader with the lighted flag to volunteer as a turn guide during the ride.

How we ride:
+ Stay in the RIGHT lane
+ Stop at RED lights
+ Leave no trace
+ Ride predictably & in control
+ Roll past conflict
+ Ride prepared
+ When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!

Check back here and our Wordpress page https://sfbikeparty.wordpress.com/ as we update with details about the ride!

Past events (32)

San Francisco Bike Party #115 Birthday Ride

Civic Center, San Francisco, CA

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