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Security in the Cloud: Servers and Applications

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Come Join the Cloud Mafia Gang for Another Developer Meetup.

Thank-you to StackMob ( for hosting!

Pizza and beer will be provided along with some great speakers and time to network.

Matasano: Cory Scott, Director

Security people have a habit of thinking like security people. Security people thinking gives us things like the OWASP Top 10 and the SANS Top 25 and the MITRE CWE—lists of security flaws that the industry sees repeatedly. These lists are helpful, but they only go so far. Sometimes a different perspective is needed. We tried thinking like software developers (which we are). When we did that, we came up with a different kind of list. Instead of “SQL injection” and “stack overflow”, we thought of features that developers are regularly asked to build, and that regularly cause huge security problems. We call them the Deadly Features.

CloudPassage: Rand Wacker, VP of Product Management

Take a look around, you might be surprised who is running servers in the cloud; you might be even more surprised about what they are running. Unfortunately, these people rarely if ever thought to tell the security teams, and that means big problems for us all. Securing servers in the cloud is different, very different, than in a traditional data center; but all the same risks are there. Lets start by understanding who is using the cloud, why it is so different, and what works and doesn't work from our typical security toolbox. Then lets try to solve some of those problems and come up with some best practices to help us and those we work with do what they need…securely.

DotCloud: Gabriel Grant, Developer Advocate

Bridging the Clouds: Cloud computing resources are different from traditional datacenter assets. They are more volatile, and their tenancy is much higher. We’ll explore the implications from a network security point of view, and the challenges that rise when you want to use multiple clouds together.


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