What we're about

*Education and Community Connections are our priority
We are a community of ‘gig’ based consultants, freelancers and people who wish to earn more money in the growing ‘gig’ economy. The new economy is shifting towards a ‘Gig’ based economy – with people shifting towards working at their own pace and at their own place – to make money in their own time, away from employment and companies. Finding your expertise and marketing it will become more of the norm in the months and years to come. More and more people will become freelancers and consultants.

* Who should join:
People who are interested in learning how to take advantage of the growing gig economy. How to market, network and build relevant connections in our communities. How to promote your freelancer services.

* What can members expect out of the group: Activities, Benefits, Community
We will provide educational opportunities and networking activities.

Mike Hayes

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